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Review from JOGGING GAL
53 events 31 reviews

The performance was good and although I couldn't catch all the words being said since they were oftentimes quickly said, there were enough of the lines which I understood so I knew the story line. The male performers spoke loudly and clearly, but...continued

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Crystal Campisi
Review from Crystal Campisi
43 events 31 reviews

The singing and dancing were amazing, lead voices were strong! The large group choreography was impressive, the costumes were authentic. I would give it 5 stars except for one thing:

the CASTING. It's already confusing to have the founding...continued

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Review from kipellen
49 events 29 reviews

Really an amazing musical with very talented performers. Even better seeing it the second time!

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Navdeep Jassal
Review from Navdeep Jassal
72 events 29 reviews

Wonderful production!

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Review from Lori
44 events 26 reviews

Beautiful musical like I have never seen before. A must for everyone, especially the young ones. Stunning performances! Thanks for the great price and seats Goldstar! Go, go, go everyone!

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Marion Engelke
Review from Marion Engelke
54 events 22 reviews

One of the best musicals I've seen!

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Review from MPKastner
42 events 21 reviews

Better than first time! Could see and hear well, great in every way

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Dean B.
Review from Dean B.
37 events 21 reviews

I wish Burr had shot me first so I could have avoided the first bad opening major chord through the sitcom theme styled show music to the derivative harmonies. The duet with Hamilton and his son turned the trend but not enough to give me any tune...continued

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Irene Hashimoto
Review from Irene Hashimoto
38 events 21 reviews

Remarkable story, lyrics, teamwork, performance. Touched my heart.

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Review from MPKastner
42 events 21 reviews

We came at 1:20 somehow thinking it was usual matinee time at Orpheum of 2. Ticket person and security at front made is feel not so bad saying many have done this. ok but mezzanine short grey haired hostess standing in foyer of mezzanine bar...continued

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hula buddah
Review from hula buddah
40 events 20 reviews

Great, great show. The singing and overall performances were outstanding . Even if you are not a fan of rap music, you will find something you love about the show. Whether it be the concut

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Review from Suzanne
39 events 20 reviews

We enjoyed the show. It was a energetic show and the set was somewhat reminiscent of Les Miserables. Lots of music, but maybe a little too much rap, making the dialogue a little difficult to understand at times. Very interesting though how so...continued

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Wendy Waller-Wang
Review from Wendy Waller-Wang
75 events 19 reviews

Amazing show!! I would definitely see it again.

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Eileen Herrmann
Review from Eileen Herrmann
37 events 19 reviews

I was not particularly impressed, since some of the songs were difficult to understand (perhaps sitting in the balcony didn't help); also, it was very loud. Some songs were fine; others, not so much. choreography was great. ..

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virginia kamp
Review from virginia kamp
24 events 19 reviews

It was my second time seeing it. My husband's first. It is such a wonderful performance. Our Goldstar seats were perfect. I think Goldstar likes me!! HaHa
Thank you.

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Gil Gilfix
Review from Gil Gilfix
62 events 19 reviews

Play was terrific. Seats were good. Goldstar pricing made the difference.

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Maria Cristina Urruela
Review from Maria Cristina Urruela
55 events 19 reviews

Wonderful musical! This was my second time watching it, the first time was in 2016 after the elections. A must for all, and the message (unity) more needed than ever!

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Review from J
78 events 19 reviews

Wow. It deserves all the hype!

I recommend listening to the music and reading the lyrics before you go. And the book/libretto has essays and footnotes on the lyrics that make the show even more interesting.

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Rachel Ann Grottke
Review from Rachel Ann Grottke
31 events 18 reviews

Great seat right on the aisle. Probably one of the best all around casts I've ever seen. Surpassed my expectations.

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Review from Julia
38 events 18 reviews

Hamilton was AMMMAZING, i highly recommend it. Seats you can get on Goldstar are discounted for a reason--they are NOT great. I sat in row J.
Now, the well-known situation with the restrooms is true--even though there are restrooms on every...continued

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