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Review from Eleanor
25 events 16 reviews

Oh my God, the best play I've seen in ages! What a classic and the actors were beyond great; such magnificent energy, talent.....was enthralled, enraptured every minute as the
story of Hamilton unfolded, and much, much more of the fascinating...continued

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Sharon Markowitz
Review from Sharon Markowitz
28 events 16 reviews

Perfect seats in the back of the orchestra. Amazing show.

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Review from Sfgirl
75 events 16 reviews

This was the 7th time I’ve seen Hamilton over the past couple of years. This cast was phenomenal! One of the best performances I’ve seen excluding the original cast. Just love this musical

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Review from Cornelia
51 events 15 reviews

Great music, great performers. Wish I had bought closer seats for better view.

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Ruby Saito
Review from Ruby Saito
34 events 15 reviews

I loved watching and hearing the music to this wonderful play.

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Bruce F.
Review from Bruce F.
159 events 15 reviews

Quite a disappointment. Highly overrated - no memorable songs/melodies for me. At best superficial mini-visits to outposts of early US history while ignoring slavery. Sound system mediocre - muddy acoustics for the musical accompaniment. ...continued

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Review from GoldstarUser
48 events 15 reviews

This show shook up the way I look at American history. It was faster moving than I expected, with almost no spoken lines and loads of highly catchy songs that propel the action. The actors/singers were good, with several standout performances. I...continued

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Paul Boland
Review from Paul Boland
129 events 14 reviews

A great show. It’s like a freight train that thunders down the tracks with unstoppable power. A great story with fascinating characters and a show with great music. I was riveted from start to finish.

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Review from fj
31 events 14 reviews

Brilliant! I cried, I laughed, l learned! Without a doubt the best show I have ever seen. A work of Genius! A compelling story, exquisitely told. A commentary on the past and future of this country. So relevant and so necessary!

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Review from Vita
51 events 14 reviews

Fantastic! Outstanding performance, on all levels 5 stars.

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Rodger Brooks
Review from Rodger Brooks
65 events 14 reviews

I'm an older person and not into rap. I found the constant rapping tiresome, like a person not into opera having to attend one. I left after first act.

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Gary Levine
Review from Gary Levine
56 events 14 reviews

This is unequivocally the most original musical ever created a wonder of collective creative genius. Not a show a spectacle and a treasured addition to the most hallowed pieces of American culture

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Ann Tubbs
Review from Ann Tubbs
32 events 13 reviews

Amazing.....Lin Manuel Miranda’s vision is just mind blowing, and the cast and orchestra with perfect. I may see it again!

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Ann Tubbs
Review from Ann Tubbs
32 events 13 reviews

It was my second time. A lot of people must be seeing it more than once! It got a standing ovation, of course, and I picked up some things I’d missed the first time. I was taking a friend for her birthday....she hadn’t seen it, and is inspired...continued

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Stan C
Review from Stan C
29 events 13 reviews

What a great show! I am not a fan of rap and thought this might be too much and hard to understand, but it wasn’t at all. It was beautifully staged and choreographed. It was uplifting, humorous and touchingly sad. But the best part was the amazing...continued

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Review from davidrachleff
34 events 12 reviews


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Review from jerbark
19 events 12 reviews

I had seen a few of the songs/dances on TV over the past few years and, out of context, I wasn't overwhelmed. I was also worried about being able to understand the "rap" portions or the play, BUT everyone I know kept telling me I HAD to go...so I...continued

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Review from kappy
29 events 12 reviews

It lived up to the hype. Performance was fantastic. Even though I couldn't understand all of the words, the story came through, it was entertaining, poignant, and extremely well done. Amazing that a musical about a less-known historical figure...continued

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Richard Young Lew
Review from Richard Young Lew
18 events 12 reviews

The cast was phenomenal , great singing, rapping, dancing, and acting. It was a wonderful evening of entertainment , and it deserved the standing ovation that it received at the end !! I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

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Review from Heather
40 events 11 reviews

Amazing show, great seats, perfect purchasing/ticketing process. Thank you, Goldstar!

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