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Melody Maldonado
Review from Melody Maldonado
32 events 11 reviews

Great seats Goldstar!!!
I chose rear orchestra but you could see very well! I was pleasantly surprised! First time seeing this show and was blown away. Recommend the show and the rear orchestra tickets!

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Five Star Cutie
Review from Five Star Cutie
27 events 11 reviews

Hamilton was excellent. The performers were all fantastic singers. The acoustics, lighting and overall presentation made the performance shine.

I took off a star due to the price of drinks. $19 for a glass of sparkling wine!!! It would be nice to...continued

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Review from lcrain
31 events 11 reviews

Terrific ensemble with outstanding choreography and non-stop entertainment!
The show takes rap from the usual slang and offensive language to the level of teaching a revisionist (and some real) history lesson. Excellent voices, over amplified...continued

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Veronica Santiago
Review from Veronica Santiago
25 events 11 reviews

The costumes were good . The singing was clear and easy to follow story line. I wasn’t on the end of my seat with excitement but my girlfriend was very immersed in the whole event. Worth seeing at a discounted price, NOT worth hundreds of dollar...continued

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Claire Kahane
Review from Claire Kahane
27 events 11 reviews

The theatrics, the voices, the idea of a hiphop opera using African-American actors and representing American history through an African=American point of view was marvelous: creative and informative and entertaining. But so much of the pleasure...continued

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Review from MJ
41 events 10 reviews

2nd time seeing it. Enjoyed it ever more than first time and my Goldstar seat cost less than half my first ticket. We were to the side but could see everything. Well worth it.

Music is fantastic and Lin Manuel is a genius. How does he do that...continued

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Valerie Schlafke
Review from Valerie Schlafke
17 events 10 reviews

Amazing illuminating way to share an experience with grand children
Actors cane out afterwards to sign programs
Met Trey (Hamilton)!!!
Thank you so much

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Stephanie Rhoads-Bickham
Review from Stephanie Rhoads-Bickham
24 events 10 reviews

Great seats on Goldstar- first row mezz. The show was everything we had hoped for and expected- excellent cast, beautiful staging and choreo, fascinating story line.... Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius!

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Richard Russell
Review from Richard Russell
26 events 10 reviews

Hamilton is a great musical. This production is excellent. Hamilton was even more rewarding the second time I saw the show.

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Tamecca Brewer
Review from Tamecca Brewer
34 events 10 reviews

I had heard so much about the show that my expectations were through the roof. The show was good but I felt that I needed subtitles to really get everything. I did read the script during intermission and that helped a lot. I would recommend going...continued

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Charlie W. Bostick
Review from Charlie W. Bostick
15 events 10 reviews

It was a great experience! The seats were decent for the price and the Orpheum was beautiful. The cast did an amazing job and were quite impressive and talented. The ushers were informative and good about forming lines for the bathrooms during...continued

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Darryl Hewitt
Review from Darryl Hewitt
45 events 10 reviews

Spectacular performance. Thanks.

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Jeffrey Rubin
Review from Jeffrey Rubin
14 events 10 reviews

The seats in the rear mezzanine were good, and I appreciated being able to see the show without having to withdraw money from my IRA.

It’s a brilliantly staged show; the revolving stage made it more interesting. I remember that stage from the...continued

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Pat Ballesteros
Review from Pat Ballesteros
26 events 10 reviews

The whole experience was wonderful from the ticket agent helping me find my eticket to treating myself to a glass of champagne. My single seat was in the orchestra isle seat mid-way back, it was perfect! But I don't think there's a bad seat in...continued

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Sheri Bortz
Review from Sheri Bortz
18 events 10 reviews

Wonderful music, acting and story. My favorite theater event in years.

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Stephanie Haire
Review from Stephanie Haire
26 events 9 reviews

Amazing production! The balcony seats, although tight, didn't ruin the experience at all - great view and sound.

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Andrea R.
Review from Andrea R.
27 events 9 reviews

Great show and a great seat (rear side J 26/28). Our seats would have been perfect if the man with the largest head in the world weren't in front of us.

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Review from Monica
36 events 9 reviews

I was so fortunate to see the performance and loved every minute of it. What talent!!!

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Sexy Nana
Review from Sexy Nana
14 events 9 reviews

My daughter and I enjoyed the show so much! The cast was OUTSTANDING!!
The little touches of HUMOR added throughout the story were BRILLIANT!!

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Review from Mookie
16 events 9 reviews

So much talent, choreographed to perfection. The costumes, and music were impressively entertaining :)

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