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Darryl Hewitt
Review from Darryl Hewitt
45 events 10 reviews

Spectacular performance. Thanks.

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Jeffrey Rubin
Review from Jeffrey Rubin
14 events 10 reviews

The seats in the rear mezzanine were good, and I appreciated being able to see the show without having to withdraw money from my IRA.

It’s a brilliantly staged show; the revolving stage made it more interesting. I remember that stage from the...continued

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Pat Ballesteros
Review from Pat Ballesteros
26 events 10 reviews

The whole experience was wonderful from the ticket agent helping me find my eticket to treating myself to a glass of champagne. My single seat was in the orchestra isle seat mid-way back, it was perfect! But I don't think there's a bad seat in...continued

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Sheri Bortz
Review from Sheri Bortz
14 events 10 reviews

Wonderful music, acting and story. My favorite theater event in years.

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Stephanie Haire
Review from Stephanie Haire
26 events 9 reviews

Amazing production! The balcony seats, although tight, didn't ruin the experience at all - great view and sound.

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Andrea R.
Review from Andrea R.
27 events 9 reviews

Great show and a great seat (rear side J 26/28). Our seats would have been perfect if the man with the largest head in the world weren't in front of us.

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Review from Monica
36 events 9 reviews

I was so fortunate to see the performance and loved every minute of it. What talent!!!

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Review from Mookie
16 events 9 reviews

So much talent, choreographed to perfection. The costumes, and music were impressively entertaining :)

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Review from jante101
41 events 9 reviews

This has nothing to do with Goldstar, but the seats at the Orpheum Theatre are so much of a relic that I was uncomfortable most the time.
Maybe its time they update the seating, to augment the amazing shows brought into the city.

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Review from Monica
36 events 9 reviews

This was my second time seen Hamilton, and loved it even more than the first time.

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Review from Steven
22 events 9 reviews

This was my 2nd time seeing this show live and it continues to impress and excite me!

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Lita Shabtay Unruh
Review from Lita Shabtay Unruh
22 events 9 reviews

Totally worth the hype. Our seats were great.

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Craig Leventon
Review from Craig Leventon
17 events 9 reviews

Very strong performance by the current cast. Wonderful show. Good seats at a very reasonable cost. Nice job, Goldstar.

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Review from Frances
10 events 9 reviews

We enjoyed this edge of the seat, gripping experience. From the first note to the last, we were hooked. The venue is amazing and no seat was bad. I’ll be back!

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Kate Oh
Review from Kate Oh
28 events 9 reviews

What an amazing production, loved everything except the they let people in in the middle of the show (not during intermission) which blocked my view couple of min.

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Review from Janice
34 events 8 reviews

2nd time seeing show and was even better second time around.

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Donna s barber
Review from Donna s barber
10 events 8 reviews

Excellent show --- seats not so great -- almost sat in the last row...
But the performers were outstanding....
But worth the price I paid.

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Richard Joosten
Review from Richard Joosten
19 events 8 reviews

Glorious. Brilliant. I doubted that the show could live up to the hype and gushy praise I’d heard for years. I wondered if the hip-hop musical elements would become wearing. Having read Chernow’s over-long (yet fascinating) biography, I feared...continued

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Review from Jerilyn
36 events 8 reviews

I loved it. The cast was great and had an awesome dynamic. I will definitely see it again!

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Joy Alvarado
Review from Joy Alvarado
12 events 8 reviews

Magical! Paid $500 to see it in New York in 2016, wow how I wish I knew it’d come to SF!!!

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