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Ian McFadyen
Review from Ian McFadyen
12 events 4 reviews

Great performance. We have seats up high in the mezzanine - thought they it might be too far back, but turns out they were ideal - could see all the action, especially the choreography. Great show

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Review from SteveR
6 events 4 reviews

Great show!

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Robert Adelman
Review from Robert Adelman
20 events 4 reviews

Hamilton is a masterpiece!
Seat you gave me was terrible, against the wall in the back, the stage viewing was partially blocked.
With all that the brilliance of the show was obvious.

Goldstar needs to let you know what seat you’re getting before...continued

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My Tran
Review from My Tran
16 events 4 reviews

I Loved It!!! New, fun, entertaining experience. Not your usual musicals.

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Anna Leah
Review from Anna Leah
18 events 4 reviews

It was amazing dancing, singing, informational and funny! The set design is awesome and performances were powerful. Can’t wait to go again!!

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Rita Watson
Review from Rita Watson
13 events 4 reviews

It was the best musical, I've seen in years!!

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Kathleen Keller
Review from Kathleen Keller
10 events 4 reviews

It's such an amazing story especially sung in rap & the cast is fabulous!

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Belinda Quintana Schonberg
Review from Belinda Quintana Schonberg
10 events 4 reviews

Lin Manuel Miranda - you are a genius!! Loved loved loved the play. The songs are ringing in my brain days after.

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Review from gk9seal
19 events 4 reviews

Phenomenal show. Great seats - center Orchestra. Be warned old theater so seats are close together and not much leg room. Also bought red wine single portion $18 with a sippy cup ?

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Beth Remington
Review from Beth Remington
6 events 4 reviews


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Review from katydore
5 events 4 reviews

The performers were talented, energetic and engaging. The orchestra was spot on. This was my first time seeing Hamilton and I was concerned I would be disappointed after so many years of listening to the soundtrack and hearing the hype. The...continued

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Dorothy McQuown
Review from Dorothy McQuown
11 events 4 reviews

We got truly excellent seats through Goldstar for a wonderful performance of Hamilton. The event exceeded our expectations on all fronts.

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Sue Ann Roy
Review from Sue Ann Roy
18 events 4 reviews

We had the understudy for Hamilton and he was great...as was whole cast.

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Jessica Roybal
Review from Jessica Roybal
11 events 4 reviews

Went with my husband and two kids (14 & 10 yrs) and all of loved it. Now, none of us amazingly enough had ever heard any of the music or songs before we went so the first have was hard for my husband and I to understand and follow (singing and...continued

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Kathryn Askew
Review from Kathryn Askew
7 events 4 reviews

Wonderful history thru hip hop/rap and singing! Highly recommend.

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Review from Frankie
20 events 3 reviews

"Hamilton" lived up to my expectations!!! Every aspect was a delightful success; the story,
the music, the songs, the set, and the performers. I had a excellent seat and loved every
second of the wonderful experience. I want to go again!

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Review from Jay
22 events 3 reviews

A stellar performance and beautifully unique presentation on history. Important note: If you are catching BART on a weekend - especially Sunday - give yourself extra time for delays.

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C Bigelow
Review from C Bigelow
4 events 3 reviews

Absolutely amazing performance. Definitely one of the best performances I have ever seen.

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Thomas Gregory
Review from Thomas Gregory
7 events 3 reviews

Amazing show, even for the second time.

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Cindy Einhorn
Review from Cindy Einhorn
8 events 3 reviews


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