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Thelma Fields
Review from Thelma Fields
17 events 8 reviews

Mezzanine seats are great good sound. Unless absolutely needed the hearing assistive devices don't work well.BART across the street take 8th and Market exit from the station. Lots of bathrooms but very long lines. Order refreshments ahead if...continued

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Carlos LopezGelormino
Review from Carlos LopezGelormino
19 events 8 reviews

One word: Spectacular! Don't miss it :-)

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Review from mary
22 events 8 reviews

Singing , dance and story are great even though rap music is not my thing. Best seats I’ve ever bought from goldstar. Thanks for the great service

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Stephanie Thoma
Review from Stephanie Thoma
12 events 8 reviews

The music and acting was amazing. Had been curious for years and so glad that I went. It exceeded expectations!

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Gloria Blomberg
Review from Gloria Blomberg
32 events 8 reviews

The perfect truly American musical! Lin-Manuel Miranda is a creative genius. Loved every minute of it. The actors/singers, chorus, set, lights, music were excellent. I would go again in a flash if I could. And that row in the mezzanie was...continued

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Review from Sherry
31 events 8 reviews

This is NOT the wonderful blockbuster everyone says it is. The lyrics are wonderfully clever, but they are impossible to understand because they are delivered too fast and the music is too loud. The show is an interesting look at the life story...continued

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Review from Deirdre
25 events 8 reviews

This show does not disappoint! Try to listen to the soundtrack and read a synopsis and it will make the show more enjoyable.
Fantastic theater experience!

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Review from Miriam
46 events 8 reviews

Truly a work of genius, melding the personal and the public. Cast is super.

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Lori Ellingboe
Review from Lori Ellingboe
45 events 8 reviews

Wonderful show.

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Erin O'Quinn
Review from Erin O'Quinn
20 events 7 reviews

An excellent show, and great seats for the price!

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Review from Ken
35 events 7 reviews

Awesome show and seats!

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Joel B. Sokolsky
Review from Joel B. Sokolsky
18 events 7 reviews

Believe the hype... this story is brought to life magnificently. The story is wonderful, the music is engaging and well-performed. (Yes, yes, if you don't already know all the words, the raps hard very difficult to decipher, but within the context...continued

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Joanna Harris
Review from Joanna Harris
32 events 7 reviews

Good staging
Too loud
Events not clear
Some fine performances

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Cassia Cassia
Review from Cassia Cassia
16 events 7 reviews

Hamilton is fantastic! I absolutely loved it.
Our seats were great too.

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Jamil Blackwell
Review from Jamil Blackwell
13 events 7 reviews

Incredible production; was riveting from the beginning to the end. Rates way up there.

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Review from DLA
12 events 7 reviews

My seat however was far off to the side and I wasn't able to see what happened in the balcony on stage left. Next time I'll try for a more center located seat.

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Joyce Doo
Review from Joyce Doo
17 events 7 reviews

Outstanding from the very first moment to the last! Go experience it. I plan to go again!

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Joyce Doo
Review from Joyce Doo
17 events 7 reviews

Outstanding! Don’t miss it!

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Joyce Doo
Review from Joyce Doo
17 events 7 reviews

Outstanding in every way! Second viewing and just as thrilling to watch as the first!! Thank you to an outstanding cast!!

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Review from Sandra
38 events 7 reviews

Seat was good despite being mezz side. Show was great and use Gala app to catch the dialogue ... rap goes fast

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