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Cindy Einhorn
Review from Cindy Einhorn
8 events 3 reviews


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Patricia H Dyson
Review from Patricia H Dyson
9 events 3 reviews

As “old folks” we didn’t really expect to enjoy the performance very much - despite all the hoopla—. But it was so fabulously performed (and the sound system in Orpheum is so great) that we lived it. No, there doesn’t seem to be any tunes...continued

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Jeanette Gama
Review from Jeanette Gama
7 events 3 reviews

Best show ever! I enjoyed it very much!

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Review from June
5 events 3 reviews

Every moment was magical. The production was fabulous including the script, dancing and singing. All theatre goers must make it a priority to buy a ticket! Grandma June

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Review from Laura
6 events 3 reviews

Excellent seats. We were delighted by how well we could understand the sung lyrics. Great show. Lives up to the great reviews and packed houses. So glad to find reasonable tickets on Goldstar!
Really appreciated the day of event email with tickets.

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lynn nelson
Review from lynn nelson
4 events 3 reviews

Excellent directing, choreography, dancing, singing and story!...Lin Manuel Miranda is a creative genius! One of the best, if not the best, musicals I've had the pleasure to witness!

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Review from Lolo
11 events 3 reviews

Excellent! Second time I’ve seen it, and I hope to see it again before it leaves San Francisco. Absolutely amazing.

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Patricia Tucknall
Review from Patricia Tucknall
3 events 3 reviews

EXCELLENT, EXCELLEMT, EXCELLENT!!! On all counts: dialogue, singing, dancing choreography, lighting, costumes storylne, props, stage setting, EVERYTHING. i'D LOVE TO SEE IT AGAIN.

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robert holtz
Review from robert holtz
8 events 3 reviews

fantastic creativity, loved the staging but my old brain and hearing was challenged by the speed of the poetry. i would definitely consider some prior script review before the first exposure to enhance appreciation. i have obtained the script and...continued

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Janet Stewart
Review from Janet Stewart
25 events 3 reviews

First of all, the seats were amazing given the price I paid. I just couldn’t believe it.

Everything about this musical was amazing. The cast, music, choreography, set. Was pure perfection. Now I understand what the hype is all about. If...continued

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Review from lb
62 events 3 reviews

GO SEE THIS SHOW. The parallels with our current revolution is so timely. And the music, movement, lyrics, lyricism all culminate in a show that's an extraordinary experience!

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Review from Jewell
22 events 3 reviews

Good acting, but had trouble understanding what was said because rapping was so fast, and I had difficulty connecting with any of the characters.

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Wendy Nelson
Review from Wendy Nelson
4 events 3 reviews

Great view even third row from back. Wonderful theater. Only downside is huge restroom lines at intermission.

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Jenny Nguyen
Review from Jenny Nguyen
3 events 3 reviews

Hamilton was mind blowing. I have the soundtrack on repeat and cannot stop thinking about going back to watch it a second time. I was enthralled and am a huge fan.

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Leah Alaura
Review from Leah Alaura
11 events 3 reviews

I give this show a 5 star. It was different from other musicals, funny, modern style of singing—hip-hop, rap, and R&B rhythms—made this show so so entertaining. The 2 young gals next to us are comebacks. In reference to our seats we bought from...continued

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Joy Elizabeth Powell
Review from Joy Elizabeth Powell
22 events 3 reviews

I loved Hamilton! I had seen it in 2017, but it was just as good now as the first time I saw it. The cast is amazing!

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Lynn Woltjer
Review from Lynn Woltjer
4 events 3 reviews

Inventive and wonderful....both history and very personal combined well..

One complaint was that it was incredibly LOUD! I wish I had had ear plugs. When I closed ears with fingers, I could understand words just fine, and fingers in ears...continued

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Robyn Slater
Review from Robyn Slater
5 events 3 reviews

It was an amazing show. I've been listening to the soundtrack for a couple of weeks which was helpful because the words were being send so quickly.
Highly recommend.

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Review from AChung
14 events 3 reviews

It was an amazing musical. Wish this was around when I took American History ;)

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Review from French
7 events 3 reviews

It was phenomenal! I thoroughly enjoyed this production of extremely talented individuals depicting a portion of our history in both a humorous and serious manner. I plan to go back for a second viewing.

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