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Review from Maggie
23 events 5 reviews


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Carol Robinson
Review from Carol Robinson
11 events 5 reviews

Dance was exuberant with a large cast
Singing was often hard to understand, oh I could hear it but it was rattled off so fast that it was gibberish at many times.
Loved the staging and movement on and off the main floor. Ideas of revolving...continued

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Review from Birdingal
13 events 5 reviews


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Review from Naturalme
12 events 5 reviews

Excellent, engaging, singing/performances were mind blowing.

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Review from Maggie
23 events 5 reviews

Fabulous show!! I also ended up with great seats! Thanks, Goldstar!

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Review from Maureen
8 events 5 reviews

From beginning to end the play was fantastic in every way! I loved the story, the music & clever lyrics and the casts amazing vocal talent and choreography. Thank you for a truly wonderful experience!

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Review from Moose
12 events 5 reviews

Good seats. I liked Goldstar reminders. Shows rapping got to be monotonous. I was underwhelmed by the set.

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Review from ANR
37 events 5 reviews

Great evening! We thoroughly enjoyed Hamilton. The performance was outstanding and the seats, fantastic. What an ideal way to celebrate a new USA citizenship. Thanks, Goldstar, making Hamilton within reach.

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Sharon Kovar
Review from Sharon Kovar
10 events 5 reviews

Great seats. Even though they were close to side back in Orchestra they had full view. It was a little loud. There was a fill in for Hamilton but he did a good job. It’s a show you want to see several times as so much to absorb. This was our...continued

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Johnny Lewis
Review from Johnny Lewis
14 events 5 reviews

Great show all around! Acting, singing, music top notch! Great universal themes portrayed - passion, perseverance, confidence, pride, joy, arrogance, lust, boldness, endurance, greed, insecurity, fear, friendship, trust, bitterness, regret,...continued

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Review from Izzie
15 events 5 reviews

Hamilton was a musical experience. I liked it more as the show progressed & was amazed at the creativity. Was it the best thing I've ever see? No, but it was really good. .Read synopsis of story ahead of time to understand story line. Rap was...continued

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Theresa Garcia
Review from Theresa Garcia
8 events 5 reviews

Hamilton was fantastic! The performance exceeded our very high expectations. We all listened to the soundtrack and read the libretto before going, which added to the experience. Our seats were very good.
We had dinner just a few blocks away at...continued

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Review from Evgenia
23 events 5 reviews

I loved the dancing and the singing. It was very entertaining.

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Kathleen Keller
Review from Kathleen Keller
13 events 5 reviews

It's such an amazing story especially sung in rap & the cast is fabulous!

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Chitra Nayak
Review from Chitra Nayak
67 events 5 reviews

Lived up to the hype!

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Johnny Lewis
Review from Johnny Lewis
14 events 5 reviews

Outstanding show!

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Review from julie
15 events 5 reviews

Seats were great!

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Review from Mamamiawong
16 events 5 reviews

So happy to be able to get tickets through Goldstar!

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Review from cressmanmusic
13 events 5 reviews

The cast was wonderful, the show is creative and beautiful, voices were amazing; The side orchestra seats were closer to center so I am very happy:)

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Review from LN
7 events 5 reviews

The play was very entertaining. Singing and acting was excellent. Seats were all great no matter where you sat. We sat in the "Z" row.

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