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Review from michlobo
Red Velvet 56 events 3 reviews

Excellent ensemble acting. Make a misstep in this one and you would know it. They nail every twist, turn, and subtlety with perfect timing.

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Review from LIH
340 events 240 reviews

Some of the situations written into the script were uncomfortable. Indeed, I believe that is the reason the man sitting next to me did not return after intermission.

The acting and staging are great. Good job, CustomMade.

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Review from Jerms
103 events 44 reviews

I loved it. Smart, funny, sexy and quirky, performed by a crackerjack cast.

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Sandy Sverdloff
Review from Sandy Sverdloff
40 events 18 reviews

Wonderful play with an excellent cast. Highly recommend!

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Review from Ellen
63 events 12 reviews

Great play and cast

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Peter Peacock
Review from Peter Peacock
72 events 11 reviews

Fun play but hurry up. It ends soon.

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Jenny Timpson
Review from Jenny Timpson
41 events 11 reviews

The cast was excellent! First half was so funny, the whole audience laughed out loud numerous times. Second half got a lot more serious - acting still fantastic but wish it had kept the light humor from the first.

Still highly recommend this...continued

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Review from CjBunts
98 events 9 reviews

Excellent! One of the best plays we’ve seen in a while.

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Review from Maureen
14 events 7 reviews

Very funny, excellent acting. I think a few things could have been cut, at least made shorter. The guitar sing by the husband towards the end- blah. Sorry. The very end was great. Tied it all beautifully together, but the 20 some minutes...continued

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Valerie Fachman
Review from Valerie Fachman
19 events 6 reviews

Accessible, funny play that at first appears to be a modern sex romp, but develops into something deeper...pitch perfect direction and acting. Another gem by Sarah Ruhl.

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Monika Boros
Review from Monika Boros
23 events 6 reviews

Fun and entertaining.

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Emil Pollak
Review from Emil Pollak
28 events 5 reviews

First act was funny and great, 2nd not so much.

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Jane Scott
Review from Jane Scott
14 events 3 reviews

Very funny play.
Acting was excellent.

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Nina Jordan
Review from Nina Jordan
17 events 2 reviews

Excellent writing, excellent cast, excellent direction. Loved the stage direction as well! So well done all around!

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Review from Plang
4 events 2 reviews

Very entertaining, thought provoking and fast moving! Would highly recommend seeing.

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Karen Goldstein
Review from Karen Goldstein
16 events 1 review

Great cast!

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Review from Marissa
1 event 1 review

My husband and I both enjoyed this play. It was very different but in a good way. It was funny and the acting was great. The person who gave us our tickets at the venue was very welcoming and lovely. We are both legally blind and she helped us to...continued

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