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Review from Michael
Red Velvet 231 events 78 reviews

Wonderfully acted, not a dull moment.

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Review from Sandy
Red Velvet 76 events 35 reviews

I wish I had taken all my friends and relatives with me to see this wonderful play on closing night. Terrible title kept me away for a long time, but the play itself was terrific. It turns Chekov inside out. Whereas, Chekov makes fun of the...continued

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Review from DramaDiva
Red Velvet 11 events 3 reviews

This was an incredibly unexpected success, turning preconceived notions on their head for an utterly genuine and delightful end. The production actually achieves the wry humor and call to action Chekoff’s original Uncle Vanya intended - and too...continued

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Review from LIH
317 events 229 reviews

Another play based on a work by Chekhov, this one peppered with the F-word and conversations through the fourth wall, too. Custom Made does a good job with Posner's script.

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Review from joexcohen
116 events 52 reviews

Hilarious, profound, brilliantly acted and directed.

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Dean B.
Review from Dean B.
35 events 20 reviews

LIfe is moving forward so fast that sometimes the art created is passed and left in the boring lane. Performers were good and the theater great but another play with people drinking and not dealing with life...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Review from Janelle
70 events 19 reviews

Thoroughly entertaining from the moment it starts. Very gifted actors and rich in content. Absolutely loved it and would highly recommend before it ends.

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Alex Plainlater
Review from Alex Plainlater
23 events 10 reviews

Great ensemble performance, witty script with just enough Chekhov, well adapted to modern times, a very enjoyable evening of theater!

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Neha Sharma
Review from Neha Sharma
39 events 7 reviews

Excellent performance! The theater is so intimate.

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R Buck Bailey
Review from R Buck Bailey
24 events 2 reviews

Funny and heartwarming

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Review from klk
24 events 2 reviews

Rousing, thought-provoking theater. Definite must see! The beginning was a little rough for me and I started to lose interest. But then the show took off with a roar and I was fully engaged. Bravo Custom Made and thank you for another wonderful...continued

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