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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 851 events 723 reviews

This is my third time seeing David perform and he is always a joy. Each show offers something a little bit different and I am always glad I came. He is always so hysterically funny and quick on his feet. Part comedian, part mind-reading, part...continued

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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 851 events 723 reviews

This new show is better than his previous one...and they were great. He has totally revamped his performance, but everything he does is still uniquely amazing. He does mind-blowing stuff I have never seen before. This is a total MUST-SEE show!!!

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Review from Fabrizio
Red Velvet 412 events 10 reviews

Absolutely brilliant!!!

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Review from x
101 events 35 reviews

Love this show so much, we've seen David 3 times... And will gladly go back again! When you tell them you're talking then to a magic show, your friends will roll their eyes... But this show will blow their minds!

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Review from x
101 events 35 reviews

Super fun show, with mind-blowing tricks! I'd happily go a second time. And PianoFight is a great venue- great bar and lounge.

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Matthew K.
Review from Matthew K.
69 events 26 reviews

Great fun! A masterful magician and showman! Don't miss it!

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Review from Pritch
114 events 23 reviews

David has upped his game. You will want to change your iPhone pin to 6 digits after he can guess the number the first try and in less than one minute! How can he figure out where a couple got married (a place I never heard of)? Finally, having...continued

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Pete Antoniak
Review from Pete Antoniak
53 events 12 reviews


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Zak Kirchner
Review from Zak Kirchner
55 events 12 reviews

That was one of the best magic shows I've ever seen. I couldn't recommend seeing David Gerard more. I'm still thinking about some of the insane things he pulled off.

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Belinda Deman
Review from Belinda Deman
25 events 9 reviews

First of all I want to say David was a first rate magician. It’s great he is inclusive with his audience. Due to nobody telling us WHERE the theater was inside, we were in the bar area for about 20 minutes until we asked, so we were late walking...continued

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Review from yogadawn1
50 events 8 reviews

Amazing, witty, skillful, charming - wonderful show (yes, full of wonder!)

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Maureen Doran
Review from Maureen Doran
135 events 7 reviews

I didn’t know whether I would enjoy this but I hadn’t seen a magic show since I was a little kid so I thought I’d check it out. David is hilarious, quick-witted and topical. And the magic was unbelievable. No idea at all how he did any of it. He...continued

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Review from Erin
29 events 5 reviews

Non-stop entertainment! Not only is the show amazing, but David is extremely engaging and entertaining throughout. We are still talking about the show and have told everyone that they must see him perform. Truly incredible and fascinating.

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Review from balfour
22 events 5 reviews

The show was funny and magical. What more could you ask for?

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Review from Heythere50
20 events 4 reviews

A very fast moving and entertaining event. Funny and engaging

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Review from Amy
6 events 4 reviews

David was amazing! He has a stage presence and personality that just works. His magic was truly incredible, well-executed and awe-inspiring. We had our kids with us and he even took 5 minutes at the end of the show to perform a couple of...continued

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Review from Jenny
22 events 4 reviews

It's my 3rd time seeing David and he ALWAYS kills it with his humor and amazing mind-reading skills.

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Mika Sugiyama
Review from Mika Sugiyama
33 events 4 reviews

What a cool performance. The mind-reading tricks were amazing and David was witty and likeable to boot!

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Gaby Federal
Review from Gaby Federal
8 events 3 reviews

Fabulous show in small theater. David is a true magician - we were
all in awe!

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Christine C.
Review from Christine C.
18 events 3 reviews

He was hilarious! We laughed through the entire show. Lots of audience participation. He is very quick witted and we were entertained every second. Don't miss it! I was skeptical that he had all 5-star reviews, but the show is in fact great. ...continued

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