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Lauren Vela
Review from Lauren Vela
Red Velvet 47 events 20 reviews

We really enjoyed this terrific interactive magic show. I highly recommend it great for kids of all ages. Get there early enough to hang out in the lounge and see the card tricks prior to the magic show.

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Review from Drew
Red Velvet 26 events 6 reviews

Jay Alexander was simply amazing as well as entertaining. How he did the things he did are simply beyond comprehension. No matter your age or how skeptical (like me) you may be, even for corporate events, his show is an experience not to be missed!

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Review from Drew
Red Velvet 26 events 6 reviews

Park your preconceptions and skepticism about mentalists at the door. To say that what Magician Jay Alexander does is a "show" understates his incredibly amazing performance skills. A witty and engaging person, Jay brought the crowd ) ranging...continued

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Peggy Rock
Review from Peggy Rock
104 events 36 reviews

Intimate and friendly experience. Really nice food at a great price. Jay is a captivating magician. We were thoroughly entertained. Definitely worth seeing. Wear layers though; it was cold.

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Review from x
104 events 35 reviews

Mind-boggling! A fun and unique event.

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Micah K.
Review from Micah K.
70 events 34 reviews

Awesome! Incredible! Great intimate magic show.

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Review from JeanMarie
140 events 32 reviews

Having an intimate group and sitting so close to the stage as I watched Jay perform magic in front of my eyes was an exhilarating and enjoyable experience! Highly recommend everyone see Jay!

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Review from kipellen
49 events 29 reviews

Wonderful intimate space for closeup magic. Jay is terrific and he engages easily with the audience. Go, you won’t be disappointed!

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Julianna Barron
Review from Julianna Barron
603 events 22 reviews

Amazing magician and incredible show - it was creative, fun, entertaining and inspirational! Highly recommended!!

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Daniel Chan
Review from Daniel Chan
37 events 21 reviews

Jay Alexander is a wonderful magician. My daughter and I enjoyed his show. Definitely worth checking Jay out!

If you plan to eat, arrive at least 45 minutes early. I asked if there was enough time to get food and they said yes. We placed an order...continued

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Nancy Webster Ware
Review from Nancy Webster Ware
44 events 20 reviews

I was coaxed in to going to this show. Magic just isn't my thing and I was prepared to be underwhelmed. Well, Jay Alexander made a convert of me. He was absolutely amazing and my jaw was agape throughout the entire show. What he does is...continued

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David Chittenden
Review from David Chittenden
31 events 16 reviews

Jay is very good Some of his stuff is unbelievable
He is also friendly and personable
Only a slight drawback is the location--don't worry
just enjoy a great performance

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Review from Shirley
23 events 12 reviews

A very entertaining evening. He is terrific

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Review from Yasya
22 events 10 reviews

The show was amazing! Everyone in my family loved it!

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Review from Saumya
20 events 9 reviews

Just saw the show with Magician Jay Alexander. What a showman he is, and one of a kind event this was. Have no idea how he does what he does. Suppose I never will.
Also he brings such a graciousness and respect to all the attendees.
He is the...continued

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Vendy Kong
Review from Vendy Kong
19 events 8 reviews

Really great show! Small enough theater that you feel magician jay is able to involve every single audience into his show. Also if you arrive early he hangs out with you in the waiting area and he even does up close card tricks that will wow...continued

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Review from maryebaker
40 events 8 reviews

We took our 8 year old grandson to his first magic show. We all had a great time. The small theater is such a plus - it felt so friendly.

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Allan Bolte
Review from Allan Bolte
42 events 7 reviews

Amazing must show see! Tremendous talent Im sooo glad I went. Sit up front... delicious food too. Jay has fantastic talents./

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Review from frankthemusicman
40 events 7 reviews


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Jill Rosenberg Engel
Review from Jill Rosenberg Engel
35 events 6 reviews

What a show! My son and I enjoyed our evening at this jaw dropping magic show. Jay is dynamic and the theater is charming. A wonderful way to spend an evening!

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