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Red Velvet 142 events 29 reviews

We had a great time. The weather was perfect, the guide was personable, food was tasty (except maybe that bacon really doesn't belong in doughnuts). By the end we were full and tired but happy.

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Simone StClare
Review from Simone StClare
Red Velvet 68 events 17 reviews

Make sure you wear really comfortable shoes as you will be walking many city blocks and/or standing a lot...my tastebuds were really happy but my feet were screaming at me!

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Monica Tercero
Review from Monica Tercero
Red Velvet 25 events 1 review

The food was wonderful and the information interesting.
We happened to take the tour on the same day as the Ceasar Chavez parade and festival which made the event much more fun. The Mission district is wonderful- colorful and 24th Street reminds...continued

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Mary Kaye Thrift
Review from Mary Kaye Thrift
231 events 61 reviews

This Mission Tour was lovely! So much fun to meet new people that are equally excited to enjoy delicious food! I was really jazzed, because all the places I was introduced to, I did not know about, except Las Palmas All of them were...continued

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S. Y. Liu
Review from S. Y. Liu
124 events 57 reviews

Great fun in exploring the restaurants representing different cultures. Sampled food from a Jewish deli, Mexican tacos, house-made sausages, seafood store, coffee shop, and gourmet ice-cream. Enjoyed visiting a whole alley-full of murals in the...continued

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Barbara Levinson
Review from Barbara Levinson
107 events 49 reviews

excellent food. after the walk from bart to the bookstore, i think we should have had the lunch break in the middle of the tour.

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Review from kayoshi
95 events 37 reviews

We went to varied places in the Mission and were given generous samples of a mix of sweet and savory such as unusual flavored ice cream, tacos, bacon donuts, and much more. We were quite full by the end of the tour. The food was very good and it...continued

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noel pinto
Review from noel pinto
152 events 33 reviews

enjoyed it. Heater was very good. Plenty to eat

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Review from MiYo
41 events 23 reviews

Excellent Food Walk About! Great guides who know their "food."
We have been introduced to some very fine new finds. We shall return!
It felt good to walk a bit after each sampling. Thank you Lisa, Quin and the new guide.

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Goldstar Member
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26 events 20 reviews

Like many people, I had a sterotypical view of the Mission as being a heavily Hispanic place...full of congestion and not a lot to offer---pity my ignorance!
A great tour that has completely changed my ind about the Mission and the AMAZING food...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
29 events 20 reviews

Nothing better than having someone local to guide you! The tour was yummy, the guide was nice and informative. I loved having had the murals explained by one of the artists, it made the experience totally unique.
I also loved when the owners took...continued

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Review from DAWGFAN
50 events 19 reviews

After 20 years of annual trips to San Francisco, I finally made it to the Mission. Fantastic. Now my weight problem will get worse! No, it was very good food and excellent narrated background. You will be pleased you went. Highly recommend.

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Review from O.A.O
23 events 15 reviews

I've done this tour before and it keeps getting better. This time around featured a lot more meat dishes, which was great for me. They also accomodate gluten free guests which was pretty impressive. Great food all around in a neighborhood I...continued

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Review from O.A.O
23 events 15 reviews

If you can catch this event on a warm Saturday afternoon, you're in for quite a treat. The group (capped at 13-15 people) is fun, the food is outstanding, and you'll venture into venues and parts of SF that might have otherwise gone undiscovered....continued

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Review from AngelaL
29 events 13 reviews

This is a great tour! We stopped at about 8 different small businesses in the Mission (some of which have been around for decades). The foods was delicious and we had a chance to talk with the owners at most of the stops. It was an easy walk...continued

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Review from Gillian
23 events 13 reviews

Very informative and lots of fun. Really enjoyed learning about the local restaurants and how they are affecting culinary change in the Mission neighborhood through organic, sustainable, locally produced and less expensive methods as well as...continued

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Review from Paiyu
52 events 10 reviews

Trip was fun. But still a bit pricey even after the discount.

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Review from Sandra
47 events 10 reviews

We're SF natives but still had a great time on the tour with Quinn. He was knowledgeable, fun and very nice. We have been on food tours while on vacation, but this was especially fun because we know we will be able to go back to all the new places...continued

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Sandra Jones
Review from Sandra Jones
9 events 9 reviews

It was a beautiful day in the City! My favorite part of the tour, as with the Gourmet Ghetto, was finding out all of the "right" things that business owners are doing and how creative they've become - for the good of the people. The murals were...continued

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Review from Rsniter
14 events 8 reviews

Walking with people with same interest, and eating what can be better?
The food was excellent.
I agree with the other reviews, I would group the savory (only 3 on our tour) and then have the deserts. (cup cakes, pie, ice cream, pastries and...continued

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