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Deborah R DelRio
Review from Deborah R DelRio
50 events 24 reviews

Brian was a funny & entertaining tour guide. Was surprise that I was already full by third eatery. Saw c & w on food porn, and really wanted to taste their famous golden muffin, my dream came true. Pass by ali baba so many times, now I'm ready...continued

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Review from Pritch
112 events 23 reviews

Casey gave a great tour, a mixture of history and culture, in between a half dozen food stops. The stops included classic establishments (Tartine Bakery, Delfina) that are Mission classics, but also some new noteworthy ones (Craftsman and...continued

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Review from AngelaL
29 events 13 reviews

We're locals and enjoy these types of tours. This is our second food tour in the Mission but the first time on a tour with this company. It was terrific. I liked it better than the other because, though we went to fewer places, it was better...continued

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Winx in Irvine
Review from Winx in Irvine
82 events 11 reviews

Brian was our very well spoken guide. The variety and quality of the samples were top notch, as was the sourcing for said samples.

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Eleonora Pambrun
Review from Eleonora Pambrun
22 events 11 reviews

I did not enjoy this tour as much as I did other food tours we took in the area. I thought the group was too big and the choice of foods was too much bread focused (muffin, followed by sandwich, then tacos, pizza; you get the idea). Not enough...continued

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Peter Peacock
Review from Peter Peacock
69 events 10 reviews

Lots of great food. Plus our guide Casey was very knowledgeable. Highly recommended, especially if you get Casey as the guide.

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Review from LJames
21 events 9 reviews

Loved this tour. We wanted to explore the Mission district in SF and this seemed a great way. We are not disappointed. Brian is an amazing tour guide. He is knowledeable, organized, funny and we thoroughly enjoyed his tour. When we return we will...continued

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Review from GaryPegSF62
23 events 7 reviews

Informative, fun. Tour guide Brian very enthusiastic. Enjoyed each dish at the 5 places we visited. Looking forward to trying their walks in Chinatown and North Beach.

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Review from mickpick
20 events 7 reviews

Very good guide - Casey. Lots of food and history of the area. There were 5 "courses" and actually, it was a lot of food. I would definitely recommend getting the discounted tix, though, as if we paid full price, it would've been too much.

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Angie Weinberger
Review from Angie Weinberger
20 events 5 reviews

What a wonderful day in the city! I can't recommend this food tour enough. Our guide Kasey was knowledgeable, funny and very well organized. She handled our group of 13 very well and was easy to hear and follow. The food of this tour was...continued

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Review from Valerie
22 events 4 reviews

Casey was great. She explained the culture and history of the neighborhood, the different types of foods and their origin. She made us all feel very comfortable in asking questions. She was very knowledgeable. This was a great experience that I am...continued

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Review from Entertainment
17 events 4 reviews

Casey was a great tour leader with an amazing amount of energy and knowledge of the area. The food was delicious and we were very full by the end.

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Christopher Swiszcz
Review from Christopher Swiszcz
49 events 4 reviews

Great tour! Got to eat some really tasty food and learned so much about the Mission District at the same time. Casey is an awesome guide. She exudes positive energy, is very knowledgable, and her love of the city & its foodie culture was very...continued

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Nfanwy Welsh
Review from Nfanwy Welsh
9 events 4 reviews

We had a great time with the walking tour, Lauren was an excellent guide and was great to hear the history of the area and the architecture as well. The food was great and we particularly enjoyed the craftsman and wolves and the tartine bakery...continued

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Ben Rooks
Review from Ben Rooks
27 events 3 reviews

Fun, informative and delicious!

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Marti B.
Review from Marti B.
5 events 3 reviews

Loved Casey! Liked the food. Casey was friendly, engaging and knowledgeable and the perfect guide for this foodie foray! Craftsman and Wolves, Ali Baba's Cave and Tartine bakery foods were outstanding! Also nice to hear some history and have a...continued

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Review from MrZee
8 events 3 reviews

We had a great time with our friendly, knowledgeable guide Nick. Enjoyed our five (savory muffin, taco, pupusa, pizza, and cookie) tastings immensely. Three-hour tour was well-paced.

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Jodi Joffe
Review from Jodi Joffe
3 events 2 reviews

In comparison with other food tours we’ve done in other cities, this was not so great. We felt like, while we thought Cassie was knowledgable, we did not cover much physical ground so we only received minimal facts and history. I would suggest a...continued

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Leslie Alexander Paffe
Review from Leslie Alexander Paffe
2 events 2 reviews

Of all activities we did in San Francisco, this was hands-down the absolute best! Casey is a plethora or knowledge and wisdom and exudes her love for not only the Mission District but also the history of San Francisco. Not being a particular...continued

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Everett Shockley
Review from Everett Shockley
7 events 2 reviews

Really interesting. We have lived in the Bay Area for over 30 years and, while we have gone to specific destinations in the Mission we had never really walked around the neighborhood. We will definitely go back to some of the spots.

And Kayce...continued

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