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Rodney Anderson
Review from Rodney Anderson
Red Velvet 454 events 335 reviews

On the bad side, the audience was not let in until 7:55PM and the theatre was very warm. The Magic needs to have a bit more consideration for their patrons.

As to the play, very interesting take on the Sophocles play. It was unclear as to...continued

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Review from Michael
Red Velvet 230 events 77 reviews

brilliant performances!

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Clifford Young
Review from Clifford Young
Red Velvet 142 events 76 reviews

At first I wasn't sure I wanted to see a depressing play but when I realized it was a modern play based on a well-known Greek tragedy, my wife and I decided to check it out. It was an excellent play with great minimalist staging, very good...continued

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Bonnie W.
Review from Bonnie W.
Red Velvet 121 events 21 reviews

Loved this show for these reasons: creative, contemporary interpretation of a greek classic; well written and sprinkled with quippy interjections lightening up the heavy plot with a healthy dose of humor; intimate theatre setting where every seat...continued

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Robert Dobbs
Review from Robert Dobbs
Red Velvet 83 events 17 reviews

As a classics major (Latin and Greek), I was especially eager to see this production. And this "Oedipus" walks and talks superbly. The Spanglish and California setting transfer the pathos of Sophocles' classic into a powerful present-day...continued

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carol anand
Review from carol anand
Red Velvet 58 events 6 reviews

A must see! So original and superbly written and acted. Truly a gem.

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Review from IsC
75 events 70 reviews
Paula M.
Review from Paula M.
225 events 44 reviews

Very strong performances throughout by all the actors, with especially brave performances by the 2 leads who play the roles of Oedipus and Jocasta (not least for an extended nude season in a small theater). Excellent staging and use of small...continued

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Susan Dunn
Review from Susan Dunn
109 events 41 reviews

Second time through - the show was that good. We saw this play in previews and rated it a 4 star. It only got better. Genius blend of great script, acting (on steroids), magnificant and appropriate ultra-spare set, mix of humor with the pathos. ...continued

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Susan Dunn
Review from Susan Dunn
109 events 41 reviews

Supersonic Oedipus. This will knock your socks off. Terrific acting by principals and chorus, larded with humorous touches, music you will remember, and a set that is perfect for this production. BRAVOS all around. Also the new Oedipus...continued

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Review from Jane
64 events 29 reviews

An astonishing production-- one of the most intense and affecting theatrical experiences I've had in 55 years of theater-going, certainly by far the best I've seen in the Bay area.

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Review from Crlindo
44 events 28 reviews

Enjoyed very much the creativity and the way the story was told.


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Review from 415artlover
99 events 26 reviews

GO! Brilliant fusion of classical and contemporary tragedy motifs. Script, acting and direction worthy of awards. Stay for 'talk back' to enrich theatrical experience. Goldstar tix s/o, but go to Magic Theater website for remaining tix available....continued

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Review from TJ
78 events 22 reviews

Excellent production all around. Both entertaining and very moving. Not for the faint of heart. One of the best plays I've seen in years!

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Nina Silk
Review from Nina Silk
62 events 19 reviews

A great piece of theater, up there with other exciting, innovative productions I've seen over the decades that offered something new without being gimmicky for the sake of it. I'm strongly recommending it to people.

As an example, I recently...continued

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Alison R.
Review from Alison R.
37 events 17 reviews

Brave is my word of choice, from full-frontal nudity to many characters on stage in multiple roles never missing a beat. Cleverly staged, well-spoken with only occasional echoes from a less-than-ideal performance space. Lighting was a problem...continued

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Carol Anna Lind
Review from Carol Anna Lind
13 events 9 reviews

I was very impressed by the way the Oedipus myth was transposed into the prison and the barrio! The acting and staging were great, and the nudity wasn't bad either! The cast was all very talented and performed their roles well. All in all a...continued

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Pat Shelton
Review from Pat Shelton
60 events 8 reviews

Fascinating re-imagining of the Oedipus myth inside a prison/Chicano culture. No baggy shirts or pants or hip-hop. White cotton undershirts and 50s/60s rock. A chorus of convicts, Mexican iconography (wonderful owls) and a Jocasta that melts...continued

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Alessandra C.
Review from Alessandra C.
15 events 8 reviews

Superb acting and staging, and a brilliant script that seamlessly blends the universal elements of the classic tragedy with the anguish and joy, the uncertainties and hopes of the "here and now." If you know Sophocles, the ending may surprise...continued

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Katie Zwarg
Review from Katie Zwarg
37 events 7 reviews

Highly recommend it!

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