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The Gough Street Playhouse (San Francisco, CA)

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"Prelude to a Kiss"
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attended May 19 2013

I enjoyed this production. I had never seen it before or the movie. The concept is interesting. What would you do IF this happened to you? I think this could have been even a little longer to develop the couples more. The male leads were very...continued

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attended May 26 2013

I loved this play. For the concept of soul transference to work, the characters need to be well defined, and they were. The actors were superb, and I would think it would be difficult to stay in character when the audience is only inches away. ...continued

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8 stars
attended May 30 2013

A fun evening with some good-to-excellent performances. Unlike the last couple of plays we have seen Custom Made do, this one is appropriate for their budget and production abilities. The second half especially is a delight, especially when...continued

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11 stars
attended May 19 2013

The venue was intimate, and you can see the actors' facial expressions up close. The story is wonderful, and the 3 main characters showed great acting skills. This development of story line kept me on the edge of my seat. I enjoyed the play...continued

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attended Jun 14 2013

Fantastic production in an intimate space -one of the leads was out, so the director had to read his part, but he read very well and then narrated the parts that he couldn't perform. This made things even more surreal than they would have been...continued

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attended May 31 2013

A charming production of this modern classic. The cast is uniformly excellent and the production values are high. The only quibble I have is one that cannot be overcome, and that's basically that I feel this play - like "Proof," for example - is...continued

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attended Jun 06 2013

I love this little theater nestled in an alcove at the beautiful Trinity Church on the corner of Bush and Gough. Whoda' thunk of putting a theater inside a church, right? Their shows are always good and entertaining and great value for the...continued

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4 stars
attended Jun 07 2013

A very sweet play conveyed by a talented ensemble.

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28 events
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22 stars
attended Jun 08 2013

Custom Made's production of 'Prelude to a Kiss' did not impress. Although I enjoyed Dave Sikula's portrayal as Rita's father, the entire production suffers due to lack of interest, intrigue and wonderment from the cast and apparently, director. ...continued

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attended Jun 15 2013

Due to unfortunate circumstances we were not able to attend.

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32 events
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18 stars
attended Jun 01 2013

What a great date play! Thought provoking, yet sweet and light and flirtatious. The actors played two characters (with the souls of the other actors inside them) so convincingly. The minor characters were just as much fun as the major ones. And...continued

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12 events
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attended Jun 02 2013

The clean and nicely designed set did its job of not distracting from the action. The performance starts strong with flirting and playful dialog. The play moves along at a nice pace, holding the audiences interest.

My wife and I completely...continued

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17 events
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attended Jun 13 2013

lovely show

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attended Jun 07 2013

The actors did a phenomenal job! It piqued the interest of my boyfriend and I to the point we went home to look for the movie. Saw it - Alec Baldwin and Meg Ryan were the main characters. We were both bored watching the movie and commented how the...continued

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attended May 18 2013

I saw it on preview night, but i thought the performance was overall very good. Favorite was the father and the old man. I am really in favor of the small theaters. Really gives you intimate positioning with the stage. Check it out. Never...continued

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