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Review from beegee78
Red Velvet 99 events 56 reviews

Great set of comedians. So glad that we went. San Francisco was perfect and getting to Cobb's on public transportation was a breeze.

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Review from TME
Red Velvet 20 events 5 reviews

It felt like an open mic night. A couple comics brought the jokes, but overall, it was just ok. Glad the tickets were comps - I would have felt cheated if I paid for them.

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Review from islandgirl
141 events 54 reviews

This is the kind of comedy show I really love. More, more more! The house was packed. I came a little late and barely found a seat. So do more of them. EVery month, or every week. how about that?

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Green Door
Review from Green Door
36 events 21 reviews

Enjoyable. As to be expected, some were funnier than others.

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Review from pukkiilongwalkings
39 events 9 reviews

All the ladies were funny but loved "The Soccer Mom".
Have another all female evening.

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Jennifer Love
Review from Jennifer Love
18 events 5 reviews

Some of the comedians were more seasoned than others (which can be awkward when a new comedian bombs - nobody bombed super hard last night), but my friends and I definitely had some big laughs and had fun. Cobb's is a great venue for comedy. The...continued

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Review from Heythere50
20 events 4 reviews

Good show. Two drink minimum gets expensive

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Jill Schalet
Review from Jill Schalet
29 events 4 reviews

Some of the comdians were better then others. However, I think there are new ones each night. It was entertaining.

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John G.
Review from John G.
51 events 3 reviews

There were four comedians. Two were funny, the other two were terrible.

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David Schainker
Review from David Schainker
3 events 2 reviews

Great roster, thanks for bringing in Shazia as well.
Bartenders were friendly and amiable

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Mike Sabes
Review from Mike Sabes
15 events 2 reviews

The venue is terrible in that they require you to buy 2 drinks (even a water costs $7 each), and the service is TERRIBLE. I also ordered probably the worst burger I have ever consumed and paid $15 for it.

Also, the headliner comedian was awful....continued

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Sara Michealene
Review from Sara Michealene
6 events 1 review

Hilarious! Cobb's is always a great stop for a city adventure - but these women were amazing, entertaining and are definitely going to be one's to keep an eye on!

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Review from MC
2 events 1 review

It was worth going. Some were great. Some were decent. None were flat-out terrible.

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Brian Arguello
Review from Brian Arguello
3 events 1 review

Jessica Michelle Singleton was incredibly lovely and so unbelievably energetic. Definitely gave the Thursday night crowd 110%.

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AuVious Burston
Review from AuVious Burston
2 events 1 review

My first comedy show ! And I loved it

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Paige Chandler Lowe
Review from Paige Chandler Lowe
6 events 1 review

The comedians were funny and it was a good time. Know ahead of time there's a 2 drink minimum, but if you were planning on getting drinks anyway, go for it.

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