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Review from Hllywd
Red Velvet 993 events 470 reviews

Despite the cool night, this was a wonderful trip. It went all the way to the Golden Gate, Alcatraz, under the Bay Bridge, and to AT&T park. Such beautiful views of the city lights. It was a nice change to see all of the splendid attractions at...continued

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Anthony Braxton
Review from Anthony Braxton
Red Velvet 231 events 78 reviews

Easy and casual. A good time out on the Bay. I have lived in the city for 8 years and never been out on the Bay. I suggest locals give it a try. We went on a steeply discounted Goldstar ticker (comp) and were greeted and treated just like...continued

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Kirk H Hunt
Review from Kirk H Hunt
Red Velvet 33 events 6 reviews

We picked one of the most perfect days in January to take this cruise. It was sunny, clear, warm and just gorgeous. Food was great, drinks were great, music was fantastic, views, everything - far exceeded my expectations! Pulled pork, roast beef...continued

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Aura Sullivan
Review from Aura Sullivan
113 events 32 reviews

Enjoyed the cruise. The crew was friendly and accommadating, eager to help. The entertainment on board was a surprise, the musician was
competent and cheerful. The sunset was magnificent. All in all an
experience we would like to repeat with...continued

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Review from MaryMusic
31 events 21 reviews

Everything was great. It's one of the few SF Bay cruises that lasts two hours and goes under both bridges. The food was plentiful and was very good. We dressed very warmly (essential!) and were able to enjoy spending time outside enjoying the...continued

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Miz Kitti
Review from Miz Kitti
33 events 16 reviews

As always Gold Star Events was great!!! The cruise was so much fun. We had a good location to sit and see all of the sights. They cruised under the Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset and we were able to get pictures. And we also cruised past Alcatraz...continued

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Review from Elaine
35 events 13 reviews

Despite the rain, trip was relatively smooth. The apppetizers were ample and good. Met some nice folks on the trip and we were so busy talking, we did not even go up to listen to the music.

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Elizabeth Bechtold
Review from Elizabeth Bechtold
32 events 13 reviews

everything was wonderful. Very professional staff. Food was good.

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Review from WILL
29 events 13 reviews

The views of San Francisco are stunning, even for a long-time resident, as are the up-close views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. The ferry itself is like the ones that cross the bay to Angel Island and to Oakland but a little cleaner--a...continued

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Review from sidney
31 events 12 reviews

My wife and I were in San Francisco for the weeekend; we saw the special for the Twillight Cruise, and decided to try it.
We have been to the city (San Francisco) many time and try to do something different each time we go. First of all, it was...continued

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Leroy Morvant Jr.
Review from Leroy Morvant Jr.
74 events 12 reviews

This was a great cruise. Enjoyable cruise around the bay. Everyone seemed to enjoy themself.

Buffet food was by Boudins. Crew was very nice. They even took the care to get the musician to sing happy birthday to my friend. It was part of his...continued

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Review from Neens
34 events 9 reviews

A little oen the cheesy side (food and entertainment are not that great) but a great way to see the city skyline and bridges! Take a camera!

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Cathryn Noble
Review from Cathryn Noble
16 events 9 reviews

Lots of food, sandwiches, salads, horsdeurves, cookies. Guitar singer. Open bar, one free drink. Parking tough, easiest to park right at the pier and pay the $20, with validation. Nice tour under the golden gate, to the bay bridge and back...continued

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Review from Nat
27 events 9 reviews

my son really liked it, but it was cold

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Review from RCARTER313
19 events 9 reviews

The trip was worth the amount paid. That evening was unusually warm on the bay and this added to the San Francisco Bay/Golden Gate views. It was as another patron said, the first time I ever saw grown people rush the table instead of waiting in...continued

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Marc Smith
Review from Marc Smith
30 events 8 reviews

We had a very nice time; you get what you paid for, amazing view, nice food, nothing fancy but good. It was cold bundle up it was chilly in the evening.

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Cindy Tuisku
Review from Cindy Tuisku
19 events 8 reviews

Every year around Thanksgiving I take my mom to San Francisco. There are a few favorite things we do each time, but I always try to do one new thing, and this year, the twilight cruise was it. We both had a really good time. Seeing the lights...continued

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Review from Amber
28 events 8 reviews

Nice way to spend an evening in SF! There was a guy playing guitar and telling stories about local happenings and landmarks. Drinks.It was quite windy. All in all, very nice.

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Review from CLKW
24 events 7 reviews

I wouldn't pay full price for this cruise. If you are able to purchase tickets on Goldstar then go for it. Otherwise pass.

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Review from fruitcake
17 events 7 reviews

We cruised on Thanksgiving Day, excited that my family and I will do something special on an occasion that's not entirely celebrated by my family. There were about 30 people in the cruise. The cruise was shabby. The mood was quite sombre, to be...continued

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