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Review from Gavin
26 events 10 reviews

Still a great introduction to San Francisco for your guests visiting you in SF. Inexpensive, parking across the street, and a quick hour of viewing the city from the bay, make this a good item to put on your guest's itinerary.

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Review from MYKhan
16 events 9 reviews

I took my parents from Vancouver, Canada with me on this cruise of the bay. We found it a very pleasant outing and the crew was very courteous.

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James Allen
Review from James Allen
21 events 9 reviews

aside from my audio not working very well.. the boat ride was fun and served its purpose. My out of state visitors really enjoyed the cruise and even I learned many new things about the city I didn't know before. For the money it was worth it.

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Review from paramecium
39 events 8 reviews

Cruise was wonderful! I was a San Franciscan playing tourist. Great relaxation.

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Gail Chabran
Review from Gail Chabran
25 events 8 reviews

Great cruise. Good explanation. Very comfortable and efficient.

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Fran Greaney
Review from Fran Greaney
41 events 8 reviews

I had a great time with my sons.. who both loved the cruise..

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MJ Silva
Review from MJ Silva
14 events 8 reviews

I was hungover just enough from the night before (Thanksgiving) to sleep in and miss the 10:15. Then, I was lucky enough to just miss the 11:15 sailing (Arrive early!). I re-worked my itinerary for the day and came back for the final voyage at...continued

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Review from robert
12 events 8 reviews

they had radioreceivers to put on your belt with headphones to play in any language (even English) so you could hear the whole narration crystal clear through the whole 1 hr. trip. very enjoyable

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Suzanne Stoneall
Review from Suzanne Stoneall
23 events 8 reviews

This is a must-do in my opinion. The views of the city, the bay, the Golden Gate bridge, and even Alcatraz are great from out on the water. Wonderful opportunity to take photos and see breath-taking panoramic views of San Francisco. The...continued

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Gail Chabran
Review from Gail Chabran
25 events 8 reviews

This was a fabulous cruise. I bought the tickets for 3 visitors from Spain and they were very happy with the narration and translation. They were impressed with what they saw.

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Sarah Donelson
Review from Sarah Donelson
20 events 8 reviews

Took 9 family members to celebrate a birthday - everyone had a great time! Loved it.
Bring your jackets as it can get windy & cold and prepare to have a great time.

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Review from Amy
23 events 8 reviews

We enjoyed the cruise alot. Despite some usual fog over the Golden Gate Bridge, there were alot of great views to see and plenty of interesting information about sites recevied through the head phone. Be sure to bring a sweater/jacket because it...continued

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Review from Alina
19 events 8 reviews

We got this tour for our guests from out of country. They speak Russian so we needed a tour in the language they understand. A lot of really good information is covered by this tour. However, sometimes was really hard to know where the...continued

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Supa Diva Doll
Review from Supa Diva Doll
13 events 8 reviews

We went for a President's Day off work adventure... Had a blast!! Good people and beautiful sites, what more can you ask for??

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Review from Scotto
15 events 7 reviews

Get deal thru goldstar for tickets. Much cheaper than buying them there. Cruise is a must for first timers to San Francisco. Thanks Goldstar!!!

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Review from KL
12 events 7 reviews

Had a blast on this cruise. I took two out-of-town friends. Based on the price and the reviews posted here, I gave this one a shot and I'm glad we did. The cruise is not too crowded (though we went on a Friday at 5:30 pm) and there was ample space...continued

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Review from Cronut
11 events 7 reviews

I chose Red and White's Cruise because it is available in 12 languages, so it's the best choice for international visitors. You get headphones and a portable radio which you can tune to language of your choice. The good part is that if you don't...continued

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Review from hsethi
48 events 7 reviews

I thought the cruise was nice! It helped that it was a nice and sunny at the time we took the cruise! Audio narration was good; the views were breath-taking! Go if you can!

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Review from fruitcake
17 events 7 reviews

I've been to the Blue&Gold cruise and I liked Red&White's better! They provided everyone with earphones and tour guide packets which made the cruise more informative and interesting. Blue&Gold had theirs on loudspeaker which made it hard to hear...continued

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Review from Kima
12 events 7 reviews

It's a nice tour to take, you get a nice view of the city at sea. This tour made me want to do others that day.

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