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Review from Trueman
14 events 7 reviews

This was a great way to tour the bay. Everything from Alcatraz to the Golden Gate bridge. Informative. It can be a bit crowded and I did have some unattended kids stepping on my feet feeding the seagulls causing them to fly over our heads, but the...continued

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Judith Pearson
Review from Judith Pearson
10 events 6 reviews

Enjoyed this event very much. The only thing that could have made it better was.....too foggy!!!!

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Cyd Janine Keser
Review from Cyd Janine Keser
64 events 6 reviews

Great history lesson. The radios/headsets could stand an upgrade. All in all, we had a lovely day on the bay. As usual, with this touristy stuff, $28 is ridiculous for an hour on the bay. But a good value with the Goldstar discount. The ship...continued

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Colin Sjostedt
Review from Colin Sjostedt
25 events 6 reviews

I think we were the only non-tourists on the boat and one of the few without the headphones but it was a super fun time on a beautiful day. Thanks to a huger tanker going by the boat did a little rocking which just made it more fun - we even got a...continued

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Review from JanetRG
22 events 6 reviews

My Husband and I attended the cruise and we had a great time! We were given headsets and we listened throughout the cruise. It was very informative and for the price it was a great experience! Gold star is awesome!!

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Review from beatmero
16 events 6 reviews

nice cruise, even as a sf resident it was nice to take this trip.

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Claire Gallagher
Review from Claire Gallagher
16 events 6 reviews

nice staff! I couldn't print my voucher, so staff did it for me - so nice. informative audio tour (in over 10 languages) I learned a few things, even after living here for 15+yrs.

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E Verino
Review from E Verino
27 events 6 reviews

The audio narration was very informational and the boat crew were very efficient. Would recommend.

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Review from Vishnu
7 events 6 reviews

The cruise was a lot of fun and informative with the headsets. But it was a little crowded so it is a bad idea if you only want to get good pictures with the bridge behind you.

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R Shaw
Review from R Shaw
11 events 6 reviews

The Cruise was great! Amazing views of the city, around the Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz...It definitely can be windy and cold, so be prepared with layered clothing. The check-in process was super-easy. The best part was that when we gave...continued

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Stephanie Smith
Review from Stephanie Smith
28 events 6 reviews

We three enjoyed the trip greatly. Nice to have the recorded commentary on personal earphones. Even though we're locals, we learned things we didn't know about.

We liked the fact that the pass was for any time during the day. As it...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
7 events 5 reviews

For cheaper tickets! Awesome. Beautiful views! Though it was foggy... typical SF weather.
Bring jackets.

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Review from LFHIMAN
15 events 5 reviews

Great Cruise, Great Price!

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Seidy Razo
Review from Seidy Razo
11 events 5 reviews

Great Cruise to see the SF Bay.

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Review from davebee
12 events 5 reviews

Great way to see outstanding views of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Marin Headlands, Alcatraz Island, and so on. Be sure to dress warmly -- it's cold and windy out on the bay!

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Lilly Brodbeck
Review from Lilly Brodbeck
8 events 5 reviews

I have been to San Francisco several times but this was my first time taking the tour and I loved it! The tour is narrated and you learn a lot about the history of the city. Not to mention, if you would like to take great pictures next to the...continued

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Review from AYELET
15 events 5 reviews

It was really nice to see San Francisco from the bay. Explanations were interesting

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Review from Nancy
12 events 5 reviews

My niece and I really enjoyed the tour. This was her first visit to SF and the Alcatraz tours were sold out so we opted for this bargain instead. Loved the flexibility of being able to attend any time of day. The tour was well organized and and...continued

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Linda P.
Review from Linda P.
18 events 5 reviews

The crew was friendly and helpful. The audio program was easy to understand.

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Nicole Lawless
Review from Nicole Lawless
20 events 5 reviews

The day was foggy. TOur was boring. Headphones are broken or dirty. Overall appearance of the boat was dingy.

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