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Review from Unclemab
169 events 55 reviews

glad I saw it.....

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Review from Jane
64 events 30 reviews

A splendid production of a very relevant classic. We live today in the political world of the absurd, so this piece of so-called "theater of the absurd" is especailly appropriate.

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Review from Rosenkavalier
38 events 29 reviews

The director has no clue relative to a theatre of the absurd. When the actors play it straight, the dialogue becomes tedious. Even the singer misunderstood the Piaf song, Rien, it's not a musical; Piaf was a better, no relationship to musicals. ...continued

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Review from 415artlover
102 events 27 reviews

An enjoyable evening, great production: superb acting, creative/innovative set design, and well-executed stage direction. A timely play.

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Michael Swindell
Review from Michael Swindell
116 events 15 reviews

Extreme fun and beautifully acted by s superb cast.

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Review from Gail
33 events 12 reviews

I enjoyed the play very much. It was funny, engaging and well acted. I think I would have enjoyed it more had I read the background information first and fully understood the references that were behind the play and Ioneco's intent in writing it.

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Review from Lori
39 events 12 reviews

Ionesco is my favorite playwright, but I only enjoyed segments of this production. If you don't know the play and have never seen it performed without all of ACT's grand staging, you might really love this interpretation. My experience was not...continued

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Thomas Sz
Review from Thomas Sz
20 events 11 reviews

Great play, both thought provoking and funny, good acting, and very relevant today.

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Review from davidrachleff
33 events 11 reviews

Well done and very timely commentary on our current political situation.

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Daryl Schilling
Review from Daryl Schilling
17 events 10 reviews

It was a very good production of the play. I enjoyed it.

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Review from paramecium
38 events 8 reviews

Have been wanting see it for years. A very good production

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Review from AL
30 events 6 reviews

The acting was superb and the plot is a true imagined scenario of the French people when their country was invaded by the Nazis (Rhinoceroses).

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Review from nitie
27 events 6 reviews

The production of Rhinoceros at A.C.T. was excellent: the actors, and especially the sound design were impressive.
I knew going in that this is an absurdist drama, so I wasn't surprised by the arrival of the Rhinoceroses, primarily represented by...continued

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Troy Gaspard
Review from Troy Gaspard
12 events 6 reviews

This play is made for these times. What to do when fascism starts creeping back?

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Review from fredtango
136 events 5 reviews

Good satire. Relevant top current state - Trump base as rinos

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Review from berry_stein
24 events 5 reviews

Wonderful production, thoroughly enjoyed the performance, sets and the acting. Good see it!

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Review from jloshin
20 events 4 reviews

I thought that this play was extremely well written, thought provoking, well acted and hilarious! And to top it off -- it was full of amazing surprises! Best play I've seen in years!

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Joe Ona
Review from Joe Ona
18 events 4 reviews

Very entertaining and actually went fairly quickly. There were some amusing scenes and the plot felt somewhat relevant to today. Great acting and the pacing was perfect. I would recommend this play.

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Stuart Aaron
Review from Stuart Aaron
24 events 3 reviews

Humorous , inventive and appropriate timing for the world we live in. Great cast. would have liked the use of the costumes to have been more a part of the play.

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Jeanette Monterio
Review from Jeanette Monterio
4 events 3 reviews

Thought provoking and funny.

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