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Review from Akit
12 events 4 reviews

RocketBoat has hourly departures starting at 11:30AM and lasts until 5:30PM. The ride is about 30 minutes and it's really fast. Their route goes east towards the Bay Bridge, once past the bridge they do their sharp turns, and they head towards...continued

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Review from claudia campbell
Red Velvet 66 events 15 reviews

was so much fun...the weather turned out to be beautiful...had a daycation on the waterfront...would do it again in a heartbeat!

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Review from Antonijan
47 events 21 reviews

The ride itself was very fun and I would have given 4 stars but I took 1 out because I had to pay again since I didn't bring my printed receipt on the actual site (I had an email confirmation but my phone died). They didn't have the capability to...continued

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Review from scmo
4 events 1 review

I thought this ride didn't live up to its hype. The boat is relatively fast; but for me, at least, most of the speed and the turns weren't at all "adventuresome". The fast stops were an interesting diversion. We had nice weather, so the route...continued

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Review from Peter Lunny
34 events 13 reviews

Great way to see SF and Bay! Fun for tourists, but as a local it gave me a chance to see my hometown from a different perspective. Fast and wet, but nothing too dangerous or daring.

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Review from GeneG
3 events 2 reviews

The ride was great as was the weather. The crew couldn't have been better. I would recommend this ride but if you don't want to get wet don't sit on the sides of the boat. You can use your Rocket ticket for a big discount on a Blue and Gold...continued

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Review from Kristi Woo
1 event 1 review

My husband and I loved it! Even though we're born and raised in S.F., we had to try it and glad we did. It was a perfect warm day, but it does get cool while you're out in the water especially on the return trip. Be sure to hang onto your camera...continued

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Review from James
Red Velvet 163 events 137 reviews

The boat ride was great!!! But: (1) The loud music was unnecessary; I would rather have had just the sound of the water. (2) We had a dry ride and the captain intentionally took a quick turn near the end that intentionally got us all wet for...continued

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Review from Paula
Red Velvet 47 events 4 reviews

I went with my 11 year old son. We live in SF so played tourist for the day - everyone else on the boat was from out of town. We collected out tickets and went straight on to the boat - no waiting. It was fast and fun. Well worth it. We would do...continued

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Review from Julia
28 events 12 reviews

The boat ride itself was great, but getting tickets at the RocketBoat booth was a horrible experience: my printer doesnt work, so i didnt bring a printed out "voucher". I've bought tickets via GoldStar before and it's always been --just bring...continued

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Review from binobarok30
23 events 6 reviews

Its okay...not much tourist during weekdays afternoon time. Probably we're 10~12 passengers. The ride was not that thrilling that i expected, probably the sea was calm during that time... The views were magnificent. It's kinda fast thought i would...continued

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Review from Sannparis
5 events 4 reviews

AMAZING! So much fun! I want to ride it again and again. We did get wet. But it goes so fast, you wind dry. And it's so windy you can't feel your face and your sunglasses might fly off. BUT SO MUCH FUN!! MUST DO

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Review from h8strfk
17 events 4 reviews

For $12 you can't beat it!! It felt like a roller coaster at times and you enjoy the best view of the city... from on the water! Its okay to eat lunch relatively close to dock departure, it isn't too wild of a ride. If you go do this before...continued

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Review from ck
19 events 4 reviews

This was my second Rocket Boat experience and it was like night and day from my first one. In May, did the ride around 12:30 and wind and waters were calm, heard the blasting music and caught a little bit of a tour and the guide was into it and...continued

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Review from Elida
8 events 4 reviews

We went during the heat wave we had last week and that just made it even more fun!! Recommend it to everyone!!

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Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 3 reviews

If you buy your tickets on line make sure you turn them in at the ticket office (right near the rocket boat) for regular tickets as the boat will not accept your print off.

This was very very fun, good music, funny guide. Very fast boat trip...continued

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Review from glendamc
16 events 3 reviews

RocketBoat was great. The ride was smooth, but exhilarating. The staff was very helpful and pleasant. If you sit in the middle of the boat and on the seats on the aisle you'll stay dry. Also, dress warm because the wind can be very cold at time....continued

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Review from Susan Koster
2 events 2 reviews

Fast and fun. Kids loved it. Take anything that can fly away off.

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Review from Goldstar Member
1 event 1 review

The RocketBoat experience was fun BUT not as fun as I thought it would be. I went with my husband and 18 yr. son. We all thought it would be more exhilarating. It was worth the Goldstar price but it wouldn't have been worth it at the regular...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 1 review

This boat gets going FAST -- a real thrill. I went on a cold, windy day, but still enjoyed the ride and fantastic views of the City from the bay. I live in San Francisco and don't normally find myself in Pier 39, but this a fun change of pace. ...continued

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