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Review from Joi
Red Velvet 113 events 86 reviews

My friend said, "I liked everything about this tour, my only complaint was it could have been longer." Welcoming staff, big comfortable ship with options of being inside with big windows, or outside with the fresh air and ocean spray. Great audio...continued

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Review from Joi
Red Velvet 113 events 86 reviews

Wow! Just cruising around the Bay in itself would be amazing, but we spotted WHALES cresting and blowing under the Golden Gate Bridge!!! ..plus the sea lions were dancing and playing alongside the boat. The staff was right on top of it,...continued

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Phyllis Silverberg
Review from Phyllis Silverberg
Red Velvet 56 events 27 reviews

We were lucky that it was a beautiful day on the Bay; we didn't even need jackets! And, it was 4:00 on a Wednesday, so the boat was pretty empty. We had the back of the boat all to ourselves. And they had coffee and drinks! The only problem...continued

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Robert Graff
Review from Robert Graff
Red Velvet 128 events 24 reviews

Took the whole Girl Scout troop on this amazing outing! Great activity for groups.

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James Bannon
Review from James Bannon
Red Velvet 88 events 22 reviews

A lot of fun for a grandfather/granddaughter outing. She had never seen the Golden Gate Bridge before. Being next to Pier 39 only added to the fun.

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Victorino Franco
Review from Victorino Franco
Red Velvet 41 events 12 reviews

These San Francisco Bay Cruise Adventures are always fun. I entertain my visitors all the time with this cruise. They are well organuzed and very educational. I lost ny favorite hat though during my last cruise because I forgot to take it off...continued

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Tim Hines
Review from Tim Hines
Red Velvet 5 events 2 reviews

Nice tour of the bay. A little hard to hear the recorded narration at times and there a long lines to get on the boat. Arrive early so you can get a good seat up top.

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Ruth Robertson
Review from Ruth Robertson
160 events 93 reviews

It was fun. A short jaunt under the GG Bridge, past Marin Headlands and Alcatraz with an audio explaination broadcasted so no head phones were needed! This is my forth time. The entire tour is just thirty minutes.

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Frank Bonarigo
Review from Frank Bonarigo
86 events 72 reviews

We had a lot of fun on the Bay Cruise Adventure. The only downside was that you couldn't hear all of the narraration that was coming over the speakers. Some other boat rides hand out headphones.

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Review from Jake
74 events 62 reviews

Nice warm day in San Francisco, skies were overcast, staff was very nice and we had a wonderful view of San Francisco and the two bridges.

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Barry C. Lawrence
Review from Barry C. Lawrence
42 events 33 reviews

If you were born in or within 100 miles of SF you need to do this ride at least once every 4 years. The ride only gets more beautiful as the city evolves. And all tourists MUST take this cruise!

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Review from Ruukie7
48 events 32 reviews

Went with visitors from England and Iceland

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Review from SierraJ
85 events 30 reviews

We did this cruise when we first moved to the Bay Area and it was the highlight of our trip. The views are breathtaking.

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Review from leon
46 events 28 reviews

The Bay Cruise was a Great way to view San Francisco. The crew was helpful, and the views from the boat were outstanding. The day was sunny, and the other passengers all seem to be having a good time too. The cruise is a great way to meet and...continued

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Richard Brabham
Review from Richard Brabham
59 events 28 reviews

The check in was seamless, the boarding quick, and the trip wonderful. Initially I was upset when getting on board because the instructions for the trip commentary said to use your phone or tablet and log onto a wifi site. It required earphones,...continued

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Deb Mbc
Review from Deb Mbc
53 events 25 reviews

Maybe I am just jaded as I have been on the Bay many times and in different sorts of boats. Not much to this, but it was Mother's Day and the weather was great!

On a holiday weekend, don't try to park a car near Pier 39. Even the expensive...continued

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Review from Lyle
29 events 23 reviews

The boat ride was fun once we got onboard. It was a terrible experience before. When we got there before the 3:15 departure no one told us that we weren't gong to get onboard because there was too many people. No one told us that we had to wait in...continued

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Dean B.
Review from Dean B.
38 events 21 reviews

Always great being on the bay and going to the gate. Staff of blue and gold ferries are completely professional.

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Daniel Christopher Saldana
Review from Daniel Christopher Saldana
57 events 20 reviews

San Francisco Bay Cruise Adventure was OK. The boat took you from Pier 39, to the Golden Gate Bridge, made a turn and went around Alcatraz Island then back to Pier 39. Naration on the boat was a bit cheesy with the whole pirate and stuff like...continued

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Review from P
80 events 19 reviews

I did not pick a good day for this cruise. It was storming so that definitely took away from the fun. I also suggest they clean the windows. I would take the cruise again but I will schedule it on a better weather day. Great price with Goldstar.

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