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Carrie Cunningham
Review from Carrie Cunningham
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Review from Kolina28
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Said it was a 60 minute cruise, but we were back before the hour was over. Probably a better thing to do during the week as it was extremely crowded on a Saturday. It was still a great time, would have been better with a less crowded boat.

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Carla J. Johnson
Review from Carla J. Johnson
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So much fun!

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Teresa Taylor
Review from Teresa Taylor
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So, glad we did this on our last day in SF. The audio information was good, just hard to hear sometimes at the back of the boat. I would recommend sitting up front next time -- hubby thought the back would be better. Great views and very enjoyable...continued

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Tonia Abloogalook
Review from Tonia Abloogalook
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Sorry plans changed last minute and I missed out on the cruise .

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Goldstar Member
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Suggest washing lower deck windows and increasing the audio volume.
Overall a very nice trip.
Thank you.

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Goldstar Member
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The cruise was FANTASTIC!! We couldn't have picked a better day weather wise and the scenery was spectacular. Ample opportunity for pictures and the green screen pics taken before boarding were a treat. Purchased the whole set for $30. Will...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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The cruise was nice to look at the sites, but do not sit on the first floor because you cannot see out the windows. The people are so noisy that you cannot hear the tour.

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Carol Cradduck
Review from Carol Cradduck
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The cruise was wonderful. We took the 1 hour cruise, perfect amount of time. Going under the Golden Gate Bridge was certainly a memorable event. Going around Alcatraz was very interesting. Would certainly recommend this trip to anyone...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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The lady who worked where you pick up the tickets were rude, but everyone else who worked there were nice. It was nice views and such a beautiful day I enjoyed myself and everyone else who I bought to come enjoyed it also. Just wish we went a...continued

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Barbara Ellis
Review from Barbara Ellis
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The ride was nice. BUt the windows on the downstairs cabin are disgustingly dirty. Many older or handicapped people cannot go up top. The Windows should be washed daily.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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The San Francisco Bay Cruise Adventure was absolutely wonderful. We (Shay and I) had a great time on the 90 minute cruise. The weather was fantastic, with an amazingly bright sunny day and hardly any clouds in the sky. The tour guides were very...continued

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Binbin liu
Review from Binbin liu
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The ticket office gave us the wrong tickets. I purchased 3 tickets for my visiting parents (both over seventy) and my husband. Although the reservation was for the regular 3-story boat for sight seeing, the ticket office gave them tickets to...continued

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SA Vicente
Review from SA Vicente
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The tour was great, it is sometimes hard to hear the voiceovers so if you really want to hear it all sit inside the boat. You'll get the better photos in the front of the boat, but it is also prone to the most motion. It does get cold, it would be...continued

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Review from Rick
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The views of the City are great and it is always thrilling to sail under the Golden Gate Bridge. This is a great way for anyone to get a different perspective of the City. Cruising on the Bay is something everyone should do. Wear layers.

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Review from Chula_784
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The weather in SF was beautiful. It was 70 in February! Eventhough the weather was beautiful it was cold on the boat. We stayed outside on the front of the boat for the best views. The closer you get to the Golden Gate Bridge the colder it gets so...continued

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Patricia Fuller
Review from Patricia Fuller
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The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the ride.

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The whole experience was terrible. The 4 of us lined up about 30 mins before hand, but with the lack of crowd control, people started to squeeze in front of us as the line started moving. The seating was terrible as it was cafeteria style with...continued

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Rosalba Ramirez
Review from Rosalba Ramirez
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Thebtripnwas awesome unfortunately there was a school grop of 50 people with a bunch of kids that were misbehaving and the teachera we're rude and not taking care of them.kids didn't let us enjoy the trip.I think this type of groups aho2uld be in...continued

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Angel Garcia
Review from Angel Garcia
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There were 3 boats docked - 2 of which had limited outside deck space which I though was false advertisement of sorts as the pics I had seen were of the boat with the wrap around deck. They stuff the boat full of people in such a manner that photo...continued

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