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Sharon Markowitz
Review from Sharon Markowitz
25 events 16 reviews

A great way to spend the day on the bay.

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Review from BSFO
26 events 16 reviews

Great trip with amazing views of SF and Alcatraz.

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Review from Ahna
23 events 15 reviews

Hot day, crowded boat, but clearest day we've ever had in SF so lovely views out to and back from GG bridge. Efficient crew in loading everyone, good tour narration.

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Review from Vicky
25 events 14 reviews

My boyfriend and I did this cruise yesterday. He'd never done a Bay Cruise before - I've done them a million times, but I still had a great time. The weather in SF was super sunny but a little chilly. I was still surprised that our cruise wasn't...continued

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Ruby Saito
Review from Ruby Saito
30 events 13 reviews

I went with my cousin & his girlfriend. We had a very nice cruise around the bay.

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Annie Post Nystrom
Review from Annie Post Nystrom
19 events 11 reviews

My husband and I went out and even though we are lifelong Bay area residents who now live near Sacramento, we enjoyed it. One hour is perfect timing. The narration was great-wish we could have heard it better from every point on the boat but the...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
15 events 11 reviews

The cruise was very nice - beautiful views of the city, the bay and the bridge. I'd recommend this to anyone visiting San Francisco.

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Review from slross
51 events 11 reviews

This was a very enjoyable outing, partly because the staff were especially nice and helpful. There was a recorded narration that was hard to follow outside, but the beauty of San Francisco Bay and the thrill of moving slowly under the Golden Gate...continued

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Review from sjcsports
29 events 11 reviews

We really enjoyed taking this cruise. It highlighted many of San Francisco's attractions and on such a beautiful day on the Bay too.

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Review from Joan
17 events 9 reviews

We went primarily to try to catch the Blue Angels and we did!
But the narration of the sights were very good even for a local.
I switched from Red & White to Blue & Gold and was pleased.

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Gail Wesling
Review from Gail Wesling
37 events 9 reviews

Your ticket allows you to board any boat sailing that day as long as there is room, so line up early enough. We past by the Pier 39 sea lions twice and enjoyed their antics on the rafts. While listening to a commentary we cruised past the city...continued

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Review from jcl
21 events 8 reviews

Beautiful trip, wonderful views and interesting narration. I've lived here for forty years and never done a cruise before (took a visitor) and it was well worth it! Will do it gain in the future.

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Review from ak
31 events 8 reviews

Nice way to spend an hour on the bay.

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shena marie visto
Review from shena marie visto
23 events 8 reviews

This a fun ride, amazing views of the city, from the bridges to the cities skyline. Great opportunity for photos. A lil experience of San Francisco wildlife, sea lions and other unexpected possible sitings.

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Review from pbert
9 events 8 reviews

This was a fun, family outing! I appreciated the Goldstar staff helping me change my ticket time--so quickly--
with no problems, delays. Even though we changed the time, we were still able to get on an earlier Blue and Gold! Amazing history...continued

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shena marie visto
Review from shena marie visto
23 events 8 reviews

took my sister and she loved it, beautiful bay views, Golden Gate, Alcatraz,, city skyline, and you have love the sea lions, staff & crew are very friendly.

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Review from shila
15 events 7 reviews

It was a glorious day when I took 6 friends out on the Bay. Although there was a prerecorded historical overview, it was difficult to hear due to many people on board and the desire to be away from the loudspeaker. With a skyline like San...continued

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Sharrel Grootboom
Review from Sharrel Grootboom
8 events 7 reviews

My friend and I enjoyed the your we took lots of pictures the weather was great loved the boat and staff was friendly

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Audience Member One
Review from Audience Member One
32 events 7 reviews

Really enjoyed the ride! Have lived here for years but never seen the Golden Gate bridge from below or Alcatraz from nearby. Saw two dolphins out in the bay and a snowy egret and night heron by the dock. Great fun.

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Mr. Bill
Review from Mr. Bill
23 events 7 reviews

Size of ship is PERFECT, however, we did NOT care for the incessant commentary. You don't need to have audio testimonials from people...just occasionally point out something of interest and the rest of the time...soft, gentle sea-going type...continued

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