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Scott Carter
Review from Scott Carter
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Review from kathymorrow
63 events 13 reviews

Really fun for my 11 year old grandson and I

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Review from Dee
30 events 12 reviews

Fun well done . GREAT DEAL !

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Review from Mary
15 events 8 reviews

Awesome. Went to the London tour and expected a little bit more of a similar experience but they didn't fail to entertain. Good times.

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Review from Kimsan
15 events 8 reviews

This is a really fun experience!
I have to admit I was not expecting much - just something different to do with out of town guests. But this was really fun with unexpected twists and turns - very enjoyable and the characters were excellent!

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Review from rordonk
5 events 5 reviews

Fun, informative, mildly scary, plenty of comedy.

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Review from Entertainment
18 events 5 reviews

Unexpectedly fun. They had live performers, which were very good.

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John T. Herndon
Review from John T. Herndon
7 events 4 reviews

They closed the door in my face, before the final seating..... I was insulted!!!

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Rhema Jean-Flores Limon
Review from Rhema Jean-Flores Limon
4 events 3 reviews

Awesome, fun, interactive show/history lesson. Would definitely bring more friends to experience this.

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Review from yvonne
4 events 3 reviews

I went there with my boyfriend. Man am I glad that he's there! It was dark and scary with lots of sound and light effects, but entertaining at the same time. i didn't give five stars because the boat ride was under maintenance during our visit but...continued

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Review from kents007
5 events 2 reviews

Recently visited and enjoyed the show. Had been curious, and got a chance recently. Pretty creative, with actors and surprises in each chamber. Takes the better part of an hour, and just about the right time frame.

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Brittany Moore
Review from Brittany Moore
4 events 1 review

Hella fun

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clayton velicer
Review from clayton velicer
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This event was ok at a discounted price, would have liked more details on the history behind the events rather than the theatrics, but that can be more personal prerference. They definitely try to startle you a few times throughout show.

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rie rie
Review from rie rie
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very nice I enjoyed myself alot

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Claudia Ochoa
Review from Claudia Ochoa
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Was so much fon!

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