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Randall Whitehead
Review from Randall Whitehead
Red Velvet 186 events 49 reviews

The cast was high energy and they had a good rapport with the audience. Some of the pieces were very good, while others fell flat. The more the audience participates the better it is. That's the way of improv.

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Review from Vmedia
209 events 102 reviews

10 pm show - not bad - great players - improv is 50/50 --
and that is the case with this company -- you pay what you get here.
Spend your rest of your weekend cash on the beer and wine in the Lobby -- before the show --

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Jessica Hurwitz
Review from Jessica Hurwitz
42 events 25 reviews

Ok if you get the tickets for free and only pay the fee charge. Actors were marginally funny but could never seem to come up with an actual plot or ending for any of the skits. Overall, I give it a C or C-. Feel free to go once, but I doubt I'll...continued

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Terri Nix
Review from Terri Nix
31 events 19 reviews

A fun and easy thing to do if you are already in the city. I would not make it the focus of the night.

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David Levine
Review from David Levine
42 events 18 reviews

An awesome show and a great troupe! If you go, always volunteer! Also loved that they passed out oreos before the show!


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Review from chrislumd
37 events 17 reviews

The show was kind of silly. If you have two hours to kill and don't know what to do, it would be good. Don't expect too much!

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Judy Hervall
Review from Judy Hervall
36 events 17 reviews

This was our first Saturday as we usually come on Friday(we've been twice) and we were happy to see some of the same players.

I thought the evening was fun and successful. Why aren't there more people in the audience?

They were really...continued

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Review from AJ
27 events 16 reviews

Funny and fast! I enjoyed this much more that other improv I've seen. However, I will not tell you the secret and betray the society.... I'll go again soon, and you should come too.

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Review from Jamie
42 events 16 reviews

It was a fun, entertaining time. Can't beat the price.

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Review from DCM
28 events 16 reviews

Very funny. Would go again!

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Review from OH
41 events 15 reviews

The show was really fun. The cast was great as they were very funny, interactive with the audience, and quick on their feet. Nice night out before hitting the local bars/clubs. Theater was also very intimate so everyone had a good seat.

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Review from Shawn
113 events 15 reviews

Though there were a couple of somewhat funny moments, by-and-large it was a disappointment. It was like watching an acting class in session rather than going to an improv show.

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Kevin Coley
Review from Kevin Coley
51 events 14 reviews

This was my first time at an improv event but I pretty much knew what to expect after seeing improv on television for years. I was there on Saturday night and things got off to a pretty good start but quickly fell downhill from there.


reviewed Jul 05 2008 report as inappropriate
Review from orshi
95 events 13 reviews

It was NOT good. Either I'm spoiled by other improv groups in the city or maybe the audience wasn't the best (drunk people kept talking into the scenes). Bottom line: I could hardly wait to leave. sorry.

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Marissa Parker
Review from Marissa Parker
18 events 13 reviews

Truly enjoyable show! If you like improv you will enjoy this troupe. The pianst is great at spontaneously creating theme music and the actors/actresses really play off of eachother well. It's a small intimate theatre but very lots of fun!

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Review from Ellen
63 events 12 reviews

Actors did a nice job. Fast, funny, a lot of interesting findings.

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Review from Velvet
20 events 12 reviews

Fun, but a little slow at times. I’m sure it kinda depends on if the actors are on the same vibe. Better when you’ve got a buzz going on.

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Plata Lizzardd
Review from Plata Lizzardd
31 events 11 reviews

These guys are hilarious! I especially loved the improv where they take any object from the audience and just run away with the idea of how to use this inanimate object. I threw out the large size mint Life Saver and, of course, they went to town...continued

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Alex Fisher
Review from Alex Fisher
23 events 10 reviews

I didn't find this improv group to be terribly entertaining...the location was convenient, but the improv was mediocre. There are plenty of other things to do in the City and on Goldstar than this event.

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Review from Yougoteck
11 events 9 reviews

The characters were fun. Love the organization and the games they played, also the audience interaction made it authentic. We went after a dinner party, and really enjoyed it; admittedly we were a little tired, just wish I was a little more...continued

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