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533 Sutter St. San Francisco, CA 94102
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Thao P. Nguyen … uses her Vietnamese parents to great effect, especially the portrait she draws of her dad peeling a piece of fruit for her mom, as he has done every day of their life together. —SF Theater Blog
Disappointment, shame, desperation, and embarrassment: This is the stuff of great storytelling, subjects as engaging for the audience as they are uncomfortable for the teller to recount. —SF Weekly
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You screwed up Mother’s Day last year—and maybe the year before? Who knew the coupon for five free hugs stopped being cute after kindergarten?! You didn’t expect that half-price chocolate to give her food poisoning. Oops, that cashmere “blend” sweater caused an allergic reaction.

So this year, the aptly titled solo performance showcase, See Mom, I Didn’t Forget! is fully equipped with pieces to make you and her laugh hysterically, remember the craziness, and feel the love.

*2:00pm show lineup:

*Susan Ito: The Ice Cream Gene

An adult adoptee seeks out and finds her birth mother. When she finally meets her birth mother, she discovers that some things simply just are genetic—like loving Haagen-Dazs Mocha Chip ice cream!

Coke Nakamoto: Mommy, Come Home

What happens when Mommy’s at the store and you’re at home with Daddy? Hmm, looks like Dad’s busy watching the game (and not watching 8-year-old you). It’s the perfect time to go into your older brother’s room and look through his stuff. Um, what’s a Hustler?

Zahra Noorbakhsh: _Hijab or Hammerpants

_Zahra is a 12-year-old Muslim girl, growing up in Whitey-White-White Danville. At her weekend Farsi school, Zahra finds out that if she doesn’t wear hijab, a head-scarf, her Mom will go to Hell for her! But all her mom wants is for her to wear these brand new, yellow parachute pants from TJ Maxx. Whatever Zahra ends up wearing for school tomorrow, she’ll be in middle-school hell. 

Lisa Marie Rollins: Ungrateful Daughter

One black girl’s story of being adopted into a white family … who aren’t celebrities.

  • 7:00pm show lineup:

*Deirdre Kennedy: You Must Be Irish

Deirdre’s mother is a Northern Irish woman living in England just after the war. Posing as a single English woman, she gets a job as a secretary. But when her son tragically dies, she has no choice but to maintain that facade. She can’t call in sick. She can’t say she’s had a death in the family. She can’t reveal that she’s Irish. She has to go into work the next day … and file, and serve tea, and smile.

Thao P. Nguyen: Fortunate Daughter

Thao, age 25, goes to Saigon for the first time. She wakes up on a good morning in Vietnam, dons her full-metal jacket, and goes deer hunting on Hamburger Hill with Forrest Gump and Martin Sheen. Only she survives. Okay, that’s just Thao’s imagination trying to distract her from the fact that in 15 minutes she’s going to meet her grandmother for the first time. 

Lisa Marie Rollins: Ungrateful Daughter

One black girl’s story of being adopted into a white family … who aren’t celebrities.

Martha Rynberg: Lady Parts

Martha’s mom, Jory, is depressed and not really “there.” At age 17, Martha has an extra-parental affair. This mom-on-the-side is fabulous. She cooks, she coos, she paints her nails! But when it comes down to brass tacks (S.E.X.), it turns out there’s only one matriarch who has what Martha needs—Jory. 

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