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Review from q
137 events 6 reviews

FANTASTIC! Very funny comedians. Excellent mix of talent including men, women, different cultures, etc. Kept us laughing the entire night.

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Melinda J.
Review from Melinda J.
20 events 6 reviews

Great blend of SF comics!

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Review from Bettina
30 events 6 reviews

I could skip this...Much of the material presented lacked in creativity. Although there were a couple of decent comedians who have terrific potential, most of the others did not impress me.

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Jimmy Djunaidi
Review from Jimmy Djunaidi
7 events 6 reviews

I paid $4 per ticket...some were funny and some were not ...but for that price my girlfriend and i had a great time!

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Maria D'Anzica
Review from Maria D'Anzica
24 events 6 reviews

I really enjoyed this venue--the place was much cleaner than most comedy clubs and the size was perfect. The comedians varied but were good overall. I will definitely be back--especially if Goldstar sells these tickets again for such an incredible...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
24 events 6 reviews

The show was HILARIOUS...all the comedians were spot on and have definitely touched on a variety of topics that made it a complete and entertaining show. I would highly recommend the show to others.

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Queen Jenny
Review from Queen Jenny
19 events 6 reviews

The showcase on Sunday night had a pretty dull crowd. Lots of out of towners. But the lineup was great and full of young energetic comics. I laughed so hard my side was hurting. Love that feeling. Oh and I don't drink.
More people should come out...continued

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Review from qc
34 events 6 reviews

This week's group of comedians was one of the worst I've ever seen perform at any comedy club. Usually there are at least 1-2 funny ones but I was extremely disappointed by the showcase this week. At least it was only $5 (free with service fee)...continued

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Review from nancy44
9 events 6 reviews

We loved the venue and the staff that works there. Pleasant greeting, nice person showing us our seat and asking where we would like to sit, wait staff was attentive. Venue is smaller vs. Cobbs but equally comfortable. You can see the stage...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
8 events 5 reviews

Excellent deal at $5, and the two drink min wasn't that bad. The lineup this past Sunday was excellent. I was a little worried that the 'locals' would be practicing on us, but these were professionals. I definitely plan to return with other...continued

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Review from Carol
36 events 5 reviews

Fun night - some comics were great, others not so good.

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Angela Manginelli
Review from Angela Manginelli
32 events 5 reviews

Great venue and a really entertaining night. Would go to again.

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Michelle L.
Review from Michelle L.
11 events 5 reviews

Hadn't heard of any of the comics but I was pleasantly surprised at how talented they were and some very experienced. Good 2 hours of laughing, definitely a good way to spend a Sunday evening

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Review from Goldstar Member
7 events 5 reviews

I have attended about 5 of the Comedy Showcases at Punchline and this one was by far the worst. I felt sorry for the acts.

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Dorothy Hann
Review from Dorothy Hann
17 events 5 reviews

I like the Punch Line. It is a really nice club. I however wished there were more female comedians. There were only two and none of my orientation. Single and straight. Oh well!

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Jeffry G.
Review from Jeffry G.
18 events 5 reviews

If you like comics who don't have the wit or intelligence to deliver humor without as much foul and crude language as possible, then this is for you. If you prefer comics who have wit and intelligence and can look at life and politics and see the...continued

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Review from giovanni
22 events 5 reviews

Punchline Showcase was a great evening out to see up and coming comics!! The only thing was, I wish there was a lineup list given just before the show, so If you saw someone you re3ally liked, and wanted to see them again, you could remember their...continued

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Alison Roessler
Review from Alison Roessler
8 events 5 reviews

Stand up comedy from 10 or so local comedians in an intimate setting. A wide variety of material was used and a good mix of male and female comedians. I went with a group of 6 of my other girlfriends. Across the board we all felt it was a good...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
14 events 4 reviews

A lot of fun. Punchline gave my group of 7 excellent seats right by the stage. The wait service was great - attentive but not overbearing. The lineup of comics was better than last time I remember. Will definitely be back.

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Elena Florova
Review from Elena Florova
7 events 4 reviews

A mix - some are better and some are just ordinary, but altogether - OK

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