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Susie Choi
Review from Susie Choi
12 events 2 reviews

There were over 20 comics doing short sets. Liked the variety and the talent. Good table service

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Review from Ipersing
4 events 2 reviews

This is an awesome event with a variety of comedians. This was my third time attending. My biggest complaint is that I've gone three times spaced out by at least 3 months and yet, the same comedians were doing the same material. Although I...continued

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Lisa S.
Review from Lisa S.
31 events 2 reviews

This SF Comedy Showcase seemed like an amateur open mic night. Very disappointed. We left early.

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Adam Schuette
Review from Adam Schuette
3 events 2 reviews

This was a great evening of comedy! I could not believe how many comics were involved! We saw about six comics before the surprise performance of Dave Chapelle! It was an interactive show with nice close seats and good drinks. Our waitress left...continued

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Review from jenjen
4 events 2 reviews

This was my first comedy show, and I would say it was a great experience. At this event, they showcased 15 comedians and each person had about 6 -10minutes. I did not particularly liked this format, because of all the interruptions. The natural...continued

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Review from Sinohui
15 events 2 reviews

This was my youngest son's 18th birthday and as he loves comedy (hoping to perform himself) we decided to take him to the Punchline, which overall was a pretty great experience. We were seated just to the left of the stage, so we had a perfect...continued

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Review from JS
17 events 2 reviews

We have been to this event twice now and have really enjoyed it both times. The talent of the comedians in the showcase runs the gamut from unpolished beginner all the way to experienced headliner.

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Review from rayraygk
1 event 1 review

A group of comedians performed one by one - some were okay, others were quite hilarious. Each comedian was limited to around 10 mins, the headliner a bit more time, which was nice. Overall, a great time with friends!

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Review from Ron
6 events 1 review

Don't waste your time with these amateur showcase nights. 6 of the 9 'performers' were really, really bad and the others were marginal. One was so openly hostile and was making such vile comments to a small, young woman in the audience, that she...continued

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Just a dude
Review from Just a dude
1 event 1 review

Everything was great...although they could have *maybe* (sarcasm) hired some more waitresses. Shove 300 (?) people in a room with maybe 3 waitresses? I simply don't get it. I walked up to the bar when I first got there and asked the guy behind the...continued

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Dabid W
Review from Dabid W
1 event 1 review

First time there. The venue is great, and most of the comics were good. 1 or 2 were great. BUT, the good one were brought down by having so many at a time. I know this is the idea, but I probably would not attend again unless I knew in advance...continued

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Review from Dorjohn
2 events 1 review

Fun evening. 2 drink minimum. some really funny comedians -some not, but variety.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 1 review

Fun time. Most of the comedians were quite good. I love shows like this were lots of comedians do short sets with their funniest stuff.

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Review from G-RAH
2 events 1 review

Fun! Great mix of comics, some great, some mediocre. Overall a fun time :)

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Nicole Hudley
Review from Nicole Hudley
4 events 1 review

Good comedy but the 2 drink minimum policy was just annoying. I asked if I could order food instead of drinking unwanted sugar and they said no. Ugh.

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Ratana Yoshifuji
Review from Ratana Yoshifuji
7 events 1 review

Good mix.. loved the last batch of comedians. Worthwhile to go with a friend or a date - laughter definitely guaranteed

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 1 review

Good way to see Bay Area (and out of town) comedians in a casual environment.

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Review from JR
2 events 1 review

Great Acts! Wonderful Service ... A tad pricey though.

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Review from Shirley
2 events 1 review

great atmosphere, good drinks, classy decor, good line up of comedians.

thank you!

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Review from KatDoodle
2 events 1 review

Great show! I've never been to a comedy club before and I agree that this is definitely a must-see. Ali Wong was my favorite... she was hilarious!

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