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Lynda Ingram
Review from Lynda Ingram
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I had never been to the Punchline in San Francisco. We had a wonderful time laughing!!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
2 events 1 review

I really enjoyed the Punchline. The line-up of comics was extensive and all were really funny. We also had great seats. The only thing I didn't like was the selection of drinks.

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Lakicha Burke
Review from Lakicha Burke
4 events 1 review

I thought the show was nice. The only problem was there were so many comedians and maybe half of them were not funny. The funny comedians were great and I had a really good laugh.

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Review from Lisa
1 event 1 review

I was very pleased with punch line comedy club. The venue was fairly small & seating was good. There were at least 10 comedians and they were all funny. Then we got a treat at the end. Dave Chappelle showed up and was on stage for about two hours!...continued

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Charles Briggs
Review from Charles Briggs
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Incredible. I'll definitely be back

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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It was a lot of fun and worth it to go out on a stormy night.

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Teri Vereb
Review from Teri Vereb
5 events 1 review

it was great fun~ had a blast! especially for the great price on Goldstar. 14 'somewhat know' comedians quick paced over 2 1/2 hrs...no drag time and ranging from 'not bad' to BLOL ( belly laughs out loud!)

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Lots of laughs! Many comedians, a few minutes each & they were all funny. There was not a comedian that was bad.

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Jaimee Rogers
Review from Jaimee Rogers
0 events 1 review

My friend and I enjoyed the show very much. It was great to hear all the different comedians. Very low key setting. I would definitely go again.

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Review from Frank
4 events 1 review

Overall an enjoyable evening. The showcase allows a sampling of many different comedic styles and talents. Some are clearly starting out or testing new material while others have excellent comedic timing. Because there is such a wide array of...continued

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Review from Bridget
9 events 1 review

pretty good. 2nd time to show case. I like the comedians. They had a few that told the same stuff from the weeks before, but all in all the new peeps had it going. Chris Garcia (think thats his name) funny stuff.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Overall, there was a consistent stream of laughs. The lineup was a mix of just beginning comics as well as those who have been doing a national circuit.

It's a pretty small venue so you can get a good view from pretty much...continued

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Review from shelly147
6 events 1 review

Quite an enjoyable evening. I liked the fact that there were about 15 comics there, since the few awkward ones that I didn't like were out of there quickly, and there was a high probability that there would be some comics I liked. There were in...continued

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Nancy Agatiello
Review from Nancy Agatiello
19 events 1 review

Some comics were great! Some not so much! Terrific for the price. . .the bad ones only made the good ones look better!

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Review from lizziemo
2 events 1 review

Some really funny comedians and a great club. Overall a fun night out!

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Michael Watson
Review from Michael Watson
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Spectacular experience one of a kind a lot of funny people and funny looking people definitely recommended

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Review from isayhello
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Sunday night comedy showcases at the Punchline are always a gamble. Sometimes every comedian is hilarious. Sometimes not so much. On this event I'd say most of the ten or so comedians that did sets were funny. A couple were less so, but luckily...continued

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Stephanie Soong
Review from Stephanie Soong
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Super cheap, well actually I got these tickets for free thanks to Goldstar. I only had to pay $4/ticket for the service fee. The event was organized really well. About every 10 min, a new comedian comes on stage so even if you don't like the...continued

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Jeffrey Stutz
Review from Jeffrey Stutz
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Surprisingly strongly showing for a Sunday night - I expected hit-and-miss, but the hit rate was about 90%, including a couple comics I'll actively seek out in the future. The show was reasonably long, too. Great value, will definitely go back!

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Review from mchutch
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The only reason I'm giving it 4 is because of the two drink minimum which comes out to at least $20 due to their overpriced drinks. The show itself was phenomenal! There wasn't one comic that bombed so it was pretty much constant laughter from...continued

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