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Bob S.
Review from Bob S.
Red Velvet 308 events 287 reviews

This was a return visit to a wonderful play. One of only 2 shows in the past year that I've seen more than once...the other also being an SF Playhouse production (Sunday in the Park with George). I had a great upfront seat to watch the energy...continued

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Review from bk
Red Velvet 240 events 163 reviews

Good show. Gay theme. Fun evening!

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Review from bwkbwk
Red Velvet 437 events 117 reviews

Fun show overall. Interesting premise, too.

The actor who played the main character is amazingly talented. If not for him, the show would not have been the same.

The other actors? Not so great, talent-wise. They knew their lines, but it was...continued

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Review from TheaterLuvrSF
320 events 208 reviews

Loved the play! Kyle Cameron as Jordan was so good (as were the other actors). Didn't want to see it end - do i hear sequel?

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Ruth Robertson
Review from Ruth Robertson
153 events 91 reviews

I liked the acting very much but thought the ending rather bleak and hopeless: All the straights get a mate but the poor gay guy is left all alone! I wanted a happier ending.

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Linda Huynh
Review from Linda Huynh
155 events 65 reviews


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Review from SLH
89 events 55 reviews

Super funny, thoughtful and genuinely well done. Lead actor has a speech that drew applause, unusual during a performance.

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Review from P.H.T.
91 events 50 reviews

Joshua Harmon is a great playwright. SF Playhouse always does an excellent job. We went with high expectations, this play/performance did not disappoint.

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Kaylah Cheryl Sterling
Review from Kaylah Cheryl Sterling
150 events 44 reviews

Script is amazing! Poignant issues with humor and depth and understanding. Great acting. An experience sure to touch the heart, bring a tear and also a smile

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Review from tapper
115 events 40 reviews

Watching the main character is worth the price of admission. Could have used a little editing, but that’s quibbling. A fun show with lots of laughs and lots of heart.

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Review from hb4sn
87 events 28 reviews

The two of us very much enjoyed this play and recommend it highly for the wonderful quality of its writing, directing and acting.

We remained constantly engaged by a narrative that is quick paced and moves smoothly in spite of the large number...continued

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Thomas M.
Review from Thomas M.
137 events 24 reviews

Fun show. Good comic timing from all the actors. Lead actor does a terrific job with a character that could be too much of a whiner.

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Jim & Eric
Review from Jim & Eric
59 events 22 reviews

Disappointing play about a self-obsessed, self-pitying young man, a throwback to the old sad and lonely gay character. And yet his long monologue at his friend's bridal shower about how it's all about him got a cheer from most of the audience; I...continued

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Lucky Lotus
Review from Lucky Lotus
22 events 17 reviews

Kyle Cameron as Jordan was so spot on that you feel his emotional journey as he sees friend after friend get marry and him still trying to find his happily ever after. Poignant when he says Laura's wedding is like his funeral...the funeral of...continued

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Review from tjmcmahon
43 events 16 reviews

Excellent performance - my complaint is with the play not the cast, I just thought the ending was a bit lame.

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Denise L.
Review from Denise L.
42 events 15 reviews

Amazing!!!! I was laughing so much I thought another patron might get upset!
I can always count on SF Playhouse to deliver consistently great plays.
The lead guy last night- how DID he memorize ALL of those lines!!!!!
Fabulous!!!! And I went...continued

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Review from DesM1
17 events 9 reviews

I enjoyed this Play. It is very heart warming and the main lead was very good.

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Jenny Timpson
Review from Jenny Timpson
35 events 8 reviews

Super entertaining show, very funny, and well acted. Highly recommended!!

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Review from SHIU
34 events 4 reviews

Very good show!! Highly recommended!!

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Stuart Aaron
Review from Stuart Aaron
24 events 3 reviews

This was a brilliant production. I must say that it was flawless. All actors were at the top of their game. Not one weak area. One of the best shows I haves seen this season and that includes shows like Tootsie that I have seen in NYC. Very...continued

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