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Review from Michael
Red Velvet 61 events 11 reviews

Run, don't walk, to see the final 3 performances of Stephen Sondheim's "Passion" at The Custom Made Theatre Co. Stellar performances by Heather Orth as Fosca, John Melis as Giorgio, and Juliana Lustenader as Clara. This intimate, small stage...continued

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Review from LIH
328 events 239 reviews

LOTS of talent on that stage!

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Linda Zimmerman
Review from Linda Zimmerman
237 events 131 reviews

I was blown away by the talent in this show; great casting with wonderful music and voices.
I've already recommended the show to friends.

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Mark D Fulwiler
Review from Mark D Fulwiler
209 events 81 reviews

Very good show. The three leads were all exceptional. As was the orchestra. Unfortunately, the music is tuneless, but I liked the book and lyrics. Nice costumes as well.

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Review from Jerms
102 events 43 reviews

It's a cliche' to say that a single performance was "worth the price of admission," but in this case it is also quite true: Heather Orth's soul-baring, heart-wrenching performance as Fosca is quite literally worth every penny that you'll pay - and...continued

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Jeff Shelby
Review from Jeff Shelby
64 events 31 reviews

The score of “Passion” is beautiful, dark, complex, and quite challenging. In this production, both the singers and instrumentalists did an admirable job. The acting was not nearly as strong, which may have been partly due to several actors...continued

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Review from sfplay1
72 events 22 reviews

Heather Orth outstanding and gave real feeling to the role!

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Janice P. Oeming
Review from Janice P. Oeming
97 events 22 reviews

This was my first time at Custom Made Theatre and seeing one of their productions. Nice little theater. All interactions with staff was pleasant and couldn't be better.
The production itself was good minus a few little hiccups which is to be...continued

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Ruth Ungar
Review from Ruth Ungar
129 events 22 reviews

very amateurish poor performance. much too long.

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Kefei Wu
Review from Kefei Wu
69 events 21 reviews

Far beyond my expectations! The leading actors (especially Fosca) are incredibly convincing and infective with top-notch singing voices. With the intimate stage and seating, Sondheim's powerful music and story was more than enough to capture the...continued

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Paul Boland
Review from Paul Boland
129 events 14 reviews

A talented cast, but a dreary book. Sondheim’s music and lyrics make no particular impression.

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Review from bengdahl
48 events 13 reviews

I thought the acting was wooden, though the singing was lovely. The leading guy had this pursed lip look throughout which was only seldom appropriate. The homely leading lady was rather amazing playing a homely lady...that was rather a tour de...continued

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Review from solange
115 events 10 reviews

A great production! Wonderful voices set and acting.

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Review from PrivacyMatters
24 events 9 reviews

The singing and acting was great. Also the staging was wonderful.
It is a difficult musical - have seen both the original Broadway production as well as the Italian film. This is one of Sondheim's heavier shows.
There were some badly behaved...continued

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Troy Gaspard
Review from Troy Gaspard
13 events 6 reviews

This tiny theatre company delivers with a superb cast for this Sondheim Musical. Everyone in this performance has their chance to shine with this beautiful score, and the three lead actors moved me to tears through out performance. This musical...continued

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Emil Pollak
Review from Emil Pollak
26 events 3 reviews

Excellent acting and staging !

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Maryam Nazemi
Review from Maryam Nazemi
17 events 3 reviews

Exquisite!! The lead actors were breathtakingly good!! Wow. Such a small theatre, such huge potential and talent!

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Maurizio Bonacini
Review from Maurizio Bonacini
2 events 2 reviews

all great seats!

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Charles MacDermed
Review from Charles MacDermed
27 events 2 reviews

This is not often performed and well worth seeing and hearing. The main role of Fosca is done incredibly well - both acting and singing. The music is well worth the visit to this intimate theater.

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Joanna Kraus
Review from Joanna Kraus
1 event 1 review

I have always wanted to see this show, and I was delighted by the production. Amazing what the director did with such a small space and he assembled a splendid cast of singer//actors..

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