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emily charles
Review from emily charles
129 events 72 reviews

Great idea for a play and great acting. There are a lot of women only plays now but this one really made sense. Recommend it highly.

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Review from Birgit
145 events 44 reviews

Very cool play, innovative, funny, fast. Go see it if you have the chance! We got Mezzanine tix and got upgraded to second row.

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Victoria H.
Review from Victoria H.
229 events 41 reviews

The first act was stupendous--well done and thought provoking.
The second act started out as a slapstick and not-very-entertaining comedy, then "slapped" the audience with a final five minutes of preaching about something I suppose the author...continued

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Roxanne Gould
Review from Roxanne Gould
882 events 13 reviews

This play is 90 minutes no intermission. The first half is fast reparte with 6 Cricket players 3 British and 3 Indian women. It gives a good insight in to the competitive sport of Women's Cricket. Unfortunately the second portion of the play is a...continued

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Marina Shubina
Review from Marina Shubina
43 events 7 reviews

Great show. Meaningful playwright (though the first and the second parts are just separate, no “bridge” between them). Great acting too.

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Review from lmbrace
45 events 6 reviews

Performances and direction were excellent. The play's second act tries at times for farce, but feels not quite completely fleshed out.

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Thelma Fields
Review from Thelma Fields
14 events 4 reviews

Missed first 10 minutes and that would have helped to explain why both teams there and why just three players each. Acting got topnotch when they got to the conflicts, secrets and rule breaking. Loved the comic aspects to the going back in the...continued

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mary ann stein
Review from mary ann stein
13 events 3 reviews

I was mesmerized. Grear acting.

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Review from Ottersoftheuniverse
15 events 2 reviews

The play is a lot of fun. Meera Rohit Kumbhani is believable as the Indian Cricket captain in part one. Madeline Wise makes the most of small pieces, chewing up scenery in the second act, especially when referring to her fever and where it is....continued

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Review from YellowFog
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Excellent acting.
The play itself was somewhat odd with several themes raised but not followed through to resolution.

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