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Scott Carter
Review from Scott Carter
Red Velvet 1089 events 595 reviews

Crazy fun musical. Acting, staging and costuming all lively. Singing fun, but tends to get drowned out in a smaller theater where microphones don't make as much sense.

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Review from TheaterLuvrSF
320 events 208 reviews

I loved the performance. William Rhea as the Man in the Chair really brought the play to life (I was only disappointed to read later that there was no real 1928 Drowsy Chaperone play). And somehow they managed to fit 14 (0r 15) performers together...continued

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Mark D Fulwiler
Review from Mark D Fulwiler
201 events 74 reviews

I thought this was a decent small production of a generally fun show. But nothing really stood out for me.

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Review from LP
78 events 61 reviews
Review from SLH
89 events 53 reviews

We need more clever, irreverent silliness in our lives to counteract the not-so-fun stuff. Lots of heart, lots of talent, lots of fun!

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Review from lindy
142 events 36 reviews

Lots of fun. Very well done with great songs and casting.

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Catherine Maxey
Review from Catherine Maxey
56 events 23 reviews

Very very delightful. This show won some Tony's in 2006. Cast is well suited to their rolls. Costumes are very nice. There is actually a plot. Small theater so there are no bad seats. This theater company is one that deserves an audience.


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Michael Swindell
Review from Michael Swindell
116 events 15 reviews

A broadway rom com classic with a talented cast. Loads of fun and the perfect date musical.

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Review from Goldstar
29 events 12 reviews

Cozy theater.
Talented performers.
Amazing what they were able to do on such a small stage.

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Peter Peacock
Review from Peter Peacock
69 events 10 reviews

A fun afternoon. Recommended.

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Richard Wenzel
Review from Richard Wenzel
38 events 8 reviews

Great production. A talented cast, lots of very funny moments and an unexpected touching ending make this a must see.

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Davide Sahner
Review from Davide Sahner
9 events 7 reviews

Enjoyed it immensely

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Laurel Druce
Review from Laurel Druce
10 events 7 reviews

What a terrific performance. This was our first time at the Shelton Theatre and will certainly not be our last. All the actors were spectacular, and we were amazed at their ability to dance and perform on such a small stage. I love the intimacy of...continued

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Diane Lavin
Review from Diane Lavin
26 events 5 reviews

Really upbeat and fun. The cast was great. Would recommend it for a fun evening.

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Review from ChrisG
26 events 4 reviews

A great show, TDC takes a fairly snarky look into the over-the-top musicals of the 1920s. The Man in the Chair's frequent annotations are hilarious, as are the castmembers of his favorite musical, the titular Drowsy Chaperone. As the fourth wall...continued

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Review from Lilinaveh
90 events 3 reviews

It was surprisingly very good and well acted

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Review from mp
25 events 3 reviews

It's well-intentioned, but is quite weak all around: singing, dancing, acting, lighting, sets, costumes, sound.

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Jim Donahue
Review from Jim Donahue
3 events 2 reviews

my friend didn't like the close seating..

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Jennifer Mazzaferro
Review from Jennifer Mazzaferro
4 events 2 reviews

The show was delightful and the cast was superb! Thoroughly enjoyed the Shelton Theater.

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Phil Ritchie
Review from Phil Ritchie
28 events 1 review

A 7-row theater with a struggling AC unit and it was still an awesome show. Very funny play with good music and the cast enjoying themselves. Standouts are William Rhea as Man in Chair and Matthew Glyn as Aldolpho.

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