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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 847 events 723 reviews

I am a HUGE fan of magic shows and am glad I went to see this show. The first half was nothing special, some of the same usual tricks I had seen before. At first, his stage persona was a bit too fast paced and over the top. And he was sweating...continued

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James Bannon
Review from James Bannon
Red Velvet 88 events 22 reviews

Great magic on a small stage. I took my granddaughter on my second time I saw his show and she was awed by his slight of hand.

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Review from WJR
Red Velvet 25 events 16 reviews

Very enjoyable. We were stumped by his magic.

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Marty Nemko
Review from Marty Nemko
111 events 64 reviews

The music that played for the 20 minutes before the show was annoying and the show started 10 minutes late.

Things greatly improved from there. Ryan Kane's magic was very good, often remarkable, fulfilling a magic show's requirement of amazing...continued

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Review from Jerms
103 events 44 reviews

Wow. Jaw-dropping close up magic, clever and funny dialogue, a great rapport with the audience, plus ... The guy is really hot. I'll definitely be going back.

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Anca Cristina Ferosha Botez
Review from Anca Cristina Ferosha Botez
92 events 39 reviews

He was great! Overall it was super fun once! #realbig

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Review from sm958
43 events 15 reviews

I found this show through Goldstar and I'm glad I did. I thought it would be fun to see a magic show during my recent visit to the city. I saw it on July 21st. This show was more than just a lot of fun. Ryan Kane was truly amazing and very...continued

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Gary Robinson
Review from Gary Robinson
90 events 12 reviews

A fun, fast paced evening of mind blowing magic!

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Sue Faria
Review from Sue Faria
24 events 9 reviews

There were 22 audience members and the venue was held in a small, dark room with 3 round tables plus bar stools along the sides. You can order food and drinks from the back of the room. If you sit on the left side facing the stage, you will miss...continued

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Review from dicastrocarla@yahoo.com
21 events 7 reviews

Amazing experience! I was looking for something fun to do with my son (young adult) visiting SF. This was the perfect venue. Ryan was engaging, had great magic tricks and made volunteering for one of the tricks so easy and fun.

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Allan Bolte
Review from Allan Bolte
42 events 7 reviews

Must see! Excellent magician and very friendly. Sit up front! How he does it all I have no idea!

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Samuel Tak
Review from Samuel Tak
35 events 5 reviews

It was a very small place in a not a good location of the City, but Ryan was a great magician. I had a good time.

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Mick McCoy
Review from Mick McCoy
14 events 4 reviews
Debbie Foster
Review from Debbie Foster
10 events 4 reviews

He was funny, engaging and did good slight of hand. Venue was great because it allowed for interaction with Ryan.

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Review from Hummingbird
72 events 4 reviews

Ryan was very funny, an amazing magician, and very engaging with the audience. I loved the up-close-and-personal experience of the show.

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Rikki Coulter Fordahl
Review from Rikki Coulter Fordahl
10 events 2 reviews

Great show!!!!

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Emilia Stoica
Review from Emilia Stoica
5 events 2 reviews

wonderful show, very good entertainer, great tricks

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Daniel Rubino
Review from Daniel Rubino
9 events 1 review

Awesome experience. Great show and energy. Family friendly. There is bar service for the adults. Tricks were amazing. Definitely worth seeing.

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Tracy Z
Review from Tracy Z
12 events 1 review

Go see this guy, it is fun!!

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Matthew Niemi
Review from Matthew Niemi
13 events 1 review

Great show. My 11 and 14 year old kids loved it.

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