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Red Velvet 142 events 29 reviews

A unique theater experience. Bring your sense of fun and adventure!

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Red Velvet 142 events 29 reviews

We loved this six months ago. This time we still liked it a lot but it was more crowded and more expensive. There were a number of changes, some for the better and some not. It is still a great night out and a unique San Francisco experience. ...continued

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Loren Jr Meissner
Review from Loren Jr Meissner
Red Velvet 41 events 2 reviews

Plusses: 1.Very good interactive theater, I was actually part of two scenes. 2. They were very responsive to my requests for special ability accommodations ("disability"). Minus: They could be better accommodating non-alcohol drinkers like...continued

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Elina Haley
Review from Elina Haley
85 events 39 reviews

We were very excited about this event and the beginning was promising, but...I found it to be pretty disorganized. When we entered, we were greeted with a glass of champagne. There were playing tables and we ended up playing for an hour. We kept...continued

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Review from Wayne
22 events 16 reviews

The Speakeasy is a unique experience. Self-described as an “immersive theater” says it all. Great attention to detail with dozens of performers recreate a 1923 San Francisco speakeasy where alcohol and gambling are offered in this hidden lounge....continued

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Review from Patricia
130 events 13 reviews

It is definitely a great experience. You feel like you are in 1920s.

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Review from Patricia
130 events 13 reviews

Probably one of the ebay nights of my life. It's extremely fun for a date :)

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Joy Graham
Review from Joy Graham
30 events 8 reviews


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Cynthia Gregory
Review from Cynthia Gregory
13 events 7 reviews

The venue was fabulous and the actors were great. I appreciated all the guests dressing up...that made it more fun. The caveats are people we met to start the process took themselves a bit too seriously. Maybe all their warning are appropriate for...continued

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Review from RBH
26 events 5 reviews

A brilliant evening. A fascinating mix of period comedy, music, set piece drama, historical background, and improv, all wrapped up in a perfectly executed sense of darkness and the unknown. The venue was intriguing, the acting was excellent, the...continued

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Review from Yancho
33 events 5 reviews

An truly unforgettable experience of being transformed into the 20's. There is never a dull moment, always something to engage in or observe. The underground gambling tables always had some kind of action happening and everyone is involved even...continued

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Jason Kershner
Review from Jason Kershner
16 events 5 reviews

Phenomenal experience. You are transported to 1923, sipping cocktails, gambling, and enjoying the entertainment. You never know what else you will experience. Definitely go!

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Leah Neill
Review from Leah Neill
6 events 5 reviews

they did such a great job transporting you back in time. the actors and actresses were great! can't wait to do it again.

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Review from Ammy
14 events 4 reviews

Immersive theater. Chase the stories you're interested and come back again to chase others. We followed Velma's story pretty closely, and also stuck close to the older couple from the bar. It's a great concept and a great use of space. The cabaret...continued

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David Henry
Review from David Henry
20 events 4 reviews

it was a tremendous night!... lots of fun, intrigue, curiosity, drama! I suggest that everyone dress to the 9's... you canNOT overdress.... it makes it more fun

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Priscilla Chang
Review from Priscilla Chang
5 events 4 reviews

Very fun. We started in the Cabaret. No need to pay for table service as you can see the show well from anywhere. There are so many different storylines it's hard to know who to follow. We just floated from room to room. Casino is fun but you...continued

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Jnutt Guillen
Review from Jnutt Guillen
19 events 3 reviews

Most fun I've had in months, I would totally recommend anyone to go, and I can't wait to go back!!
If you don't have wardrobe, don't worry, you can rent!

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Michelle Meredith-Jennings
Review from Michelle Meredith-Jennings
13 events 3 reviews

Ok! Long, but here are details! We were instructed to meet a woman on the corner of Stockton and Vallejo, SF. When we found her we were to ask her “How’s the weather?” Through small talk she got our names and referred us to a woman down the...continued

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Jeffrey Ishmael
Review from Jeffrey Ishmael
5 events 3 reviews

The immersive theater experience is really great. The actors are great, period details are wonderful. There are even great local SF history written into the dialogue and story lines. We had a great time.
Two critiques: the complexity of the...continued

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mistie blevins
Review from mistie blevins
2 events 2 reviews

a definite must do experience! if you like the 1920s you HAVE to do this!

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