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Review from Dale
73 events 7 reviews

Wonderful performance; nostalgic for the adults and entertaining for the kids. Very family friendly event.

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kathi mall
Review from kathi mall
14 events 6 reviews

I went to the 11:00AM performance with my 4 year old granddaughter
-- a wonderful show. Most of the audience were preschool children and they amazingly were mesmerized. The performance was excellent as were the performers. I shall return next...continued

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Cyd Janine Keser
Review from Cyd Janine Keser
64 events 6 reviews

I've read a couple reviews that complain about the noise level because of the kids....ummm.....the show is FOR KIDS!!!! It's holiday magic for children. We saw kids dancing in the aisles. We saw kids with smiles a mile wide on their face. One...continued

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Review from KO
34 events 6 reviews

Outstanding! My 2.5 year old twins were mesmerized throughout the performance! This will absolutely become an annual family holiday tradition.

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Andrea Ach
Review from Andrea Ach
27 events 5 reviews

Very sweet and kid friendly performance. My four and six year olds loved it and my husband got a sweet little nap during the first act.

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Review from JessicaG
14 events 5 reviews

Wonderful dancers! The costumes are always fun with some new elements added this year. It is my favorite holiday ritual with my children and one of my favorite all-time stories. My entire family went and we all loved it.

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kirsten whitsett
Review from kirsten whitsett
11 events 5 reviews

wonderful performance, grand experience for children and adults.

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Hooda Family
Review from Hooda Family
9 events 4 reviews

A wonderful presentation of the love shared by a little boy and his toy rabbit.

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Julianna D.
Review from Julianna D.
16 events 4 reviews

Amazing to have out 3-yr-old excited about a dance show, even with it cutting into nap time

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Christie McCarthy
Review from Christie McCarthy
10 events 4 reviews

Delightful story. Terrific dancing. Grandparents and granddaughters both enjoyed it thoroughly. A wonderful holiday event for all ages.

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Review from rozsarah
7 events 4 reviews

Great performance. My six year year old grand daughter enjoyed the whole experience -- from dressing up in her fancy party dress and shoes, to riding BART, to petting the rabbits in the lobby --- and the excitement on the stage. The dancing was...continued

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Review from Loree
3 events 3 reviews

A beautiful ballet. We took our 6 year old daughter. My husband and I enjoyed it as much as she did. The show was engaging enough and the perfect length. My daughter never squirmed and sat on the edge of her seat most of the performance. I was...continued

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Review from Silvia
6 events 3 reviews

I bought tickets for my two daughters, one nineteen and the youngest eight years old.
They loved it and so did I :)

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Review from AW
6 events 3 reviews

ODC does a wonderful job of sharing this story. I've read the book so many times, but it's really an experience to see it played out on stage by these extremely talented dancers. I can't wait to take my niece to see it next year.

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Review from ceesf
6 events 3 reviews

Superb performance - children are enraptured (for the most part) - up to 1st graders, great holiday classic.

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Review from shoppermom
5 events 3 reviews

The kids really were attentive. The dancers did a wonderful job. We will make it a family tradition. Everyone enjoyed the show. We had great seats! Thank you Gold Star!

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Review from Dna
7 events 3 reviews

There were many empty seats so we were curious as to why our seats were just about the worst - first row, left of stage. From this angle, one has no perspective on the performance. Perhaps in the future, Goldstar can arrange to have better unsold...continued

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Review from foxyG
10 events 3 reviews

This is really a children show. If you don't have kids, you probably want to skip.

I found it hard to accept the main characters; the boy and his rabbit being -- such a BIG boy and BIG rabbit. They are a bit hard to look at...

The stage setting...continued

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Vance F
Review from Vance F
8 events 3 reviews

Velveteen Rababbit performance was done exceptional well and well organised. I highly recommend it to those whose have not seen it yet.

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Review from musiclover
24 events 3 reviews

Velveteen Rabbit is a charming dance performance that is enjoyable for children as well as adults. The dancing is magnificent, the music great, the theater is not too large and very comfortable. My granddaughter (6 years) loved it.

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