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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 847 events 723 reviews

It was a great experience! I learned everything and more about the life of Walt Disney. I'm so glad I got an opportunity to understand the history of this incredible man. I now have a much deeper appreciation of his legacy.

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Robert A.
Review from Robert A.
Red Velvet 475 events 394 reviews

This was a great venue to go to especially if you really love Disneyland. However, although it is for the young at heart, it is not really suited for small children because you have to walk through 10 galleries and do a lot of reading. Even...continued

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Anthony Braxton
Review from Anthony Braxton
Red Velvet 231 events 78 reviews

The clerk / admission sales person did not know how to process the Goldstar ticket but let us in with a sticker and said he would figure it out later... :)

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Review from Dullah
Red Velvet 69 events 18 reviews

To really view everything allow yourself lots of time to really read and interact with the displays- listen to the recorded stories, use the screen to slide through the pictures. It is really a wonderful exhibit that has captured the essence of...continued

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Review from TME
Red Velvet 21 events 5 reviews

So glad we visited on a weekday, no crowds & we could thoroughly enjoy each exhibit. Took a solid 2 hours, my kids (ages 16 & 9) both loved it and found the museum very interesting. Very nice little family outing that did not take up the entire day.

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Kenyon Brown
Review from Kenyon Brown
659 events 377 reviews

We're not big Disney fans, per se, but really enjoyed this museum. It includes a lot of social and historical context that made it much broader than we expected. Lots of unexpected memories, too. The gift shop is tasteful and modestly-stocked. ...continued

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David C. Baker
Review from David C. Baker
288 events 259 reviews

This is one of the best ways to learn about the "real man" behind Disneyland, Walt E. Disney. From the start of his adventurous life to the end. What a beautiful building and grounds to present his artifacts, The Presidio of San Francisco.


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Belinda A
Review from Belinda A
90 events 70 reviews

A lot of reading to do, to get anything out of this museum, but, a ton of information to be had covering the life of Walt Disney, an amazing man, who accomplished so much in his short life of 65 years.

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Lee Abramavage
Review from Lee Abramavage
151 events 53 reviews

If you like Walt Disney and all his creations, you will love this. Original artwork/videos and a fun interactive game...well worth the visit.

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Review from JUNE I
85 events 52 reviews

Went in the afternoon with my cousin who lived through the Disney era from the start. Had a wonderful time. Lots to see and lots of great genealogy of the Disney family

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Review from JUNE I
85 events 52 reviews

Wonderful walk through the life and times of Walt Disney and the genius that made the Disney empire.

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no thank you
Review from no thank you
58 events 48 reviews

This event is definitely for the adult/older population. I wouldn't recommend it for kids. It has a lot of history on his family, previous business adventures and the extensive development of his legacy. Lots of reading and audio occuring...continued

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Maria D.
Review from Maria D.
84 events 40 reviews

The Disney Museum is riveting: a history of animation, of Disney, of the drawing teams and how it all evolved. Walt Disney was a visionary and the museum fascinates. I only was able to see half of the museum in 2-1/2 hours and will return to...continued

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Review from Ted
118 events 39 reviews

I loved it! I am of the generation that started watching "Disneyland" on my folks' black and white console TV (the ones on display at the museum brought tears to my eyes). Then when it became
"The Wonderful World of Color" we would go over to...continued

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Janis C.
Review from Janis C.
69 events 37 reviews

Well organized and lovely exhibits. Typical of Disney, everything is clean and shiny. Some interactive displays. I was kind of surprised you would have to pay and additional $7 per person to see a full length Disney film.

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chris okon
Review from chris okon
99 events 36 reviews

The museum of course chronicles the life and accomplishments of Walt Disney, but it is also a marvel of innovative and immersive experience design. You don't just walk through the exhibits..you flow with them and relive your own childhood...continued

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Barry C. Lawrence
Review from Barry C. Lawrence
42 events 33 reviews

I have read that you should plan 3 hrs minimum, believe me this advice is totally correct. I planned and spent my 3hrs. and wished I had at least 30 min more.
If you are of the 50's and 60's you may be overcome with nostalgia as I was seeing...continued

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Review from kipellen
49 events 29 reviews

Excellent museum with tons of information about the Disney family patriarch, Walt. Filled with interesting memorabilia and we really enjoyed the experience. Be prepared, though, for lots of reading!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
80 events 27 reviews

Spent three hours there and could have easily spent another hour. Not for children, but teens and up would enjoy it. Very well done!!!!

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Review from MiYo
41 events 23 reviews

It was more than we expected! Fantastic. Walked in at 10:10am and when we walked out it was 1:30pm. Could not believe that we had spent over 3 hours and felt we could have stayed a bit longer. This is more for adults or young artists, not for...continued

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