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Review from SLH
100 events 62 reviews

Heartfelt and fun. Already thinking to get a group together to see it again.

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Review from lindy
149 events 37 reviews

Well designed and acted. Unique presentation. While the breathe and depth of the personal issues may be shocking, the power of self redemptions always evident.

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Marion Engelke
Review from Marion Engelke
54 events 22 reviews

Wonderfully staged and exceptionally well acted - plus, Cheryl Strayed's writing is just so warm and colorful, engaging and sincere. Very much enjoyed the show and appreciated the opportunity to talk to the cast afterwards.

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Arnie Hoffman
Review from Arnie Hoffman
44 events 21 reviews

Good theatrical experience, original presentation, very well acted and staged, nice to run through 85 minutes without intermission. Key to most people "getting" and enjoying it: Cheryl Strayed actually did this anonymous column as a "Dear Abby"...continued

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Randy Weled
Review from Randy Weled
24 events 6 reviews

All I can say is this is a must see. One of the finest plays I've seen in the bay area.

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Review from 1
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Some good acting, but not enough to save a really depressing play. Left wondering if there are any normal people in the world. Seems to be the SF Playhouse genre. Pop

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Review from ap
19 events 5 reviews

I really enjoyed this play, it was. a little heavy (be warned) but there were some sweet comic moments that provided some relief between heavier moments. It was very thoughtful and I am glad I went!

Note: Despite the image and the title, some...continued

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Larry Winum
Review from Larry Winum
36 events 3 reviews

The author tried to tell the story of her life through the role of an advice columnist but it never really led the audience anywhere. There was no linear story. It was random and not gripping. The acting was great and I liked the stage design but...continued

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Peggy Spiers
Review from Peggy Spiers
49 events 2 reviews

I admire Cheryl Strayed very much. The play is thoughtful, timely and contemporary.
A few people in the audience were tearing up, as the play focuses on empathy for oneself and those around you. The acting was very good as well.

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Renee Strauss Petro
Review from Renee Strauss Petro
10 events 2 reviews

It was so funny and moving.

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Review from iahealth
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Excellent. The cast was fantastic.

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Karin Geldfeld
Review from Karin Geldfeld
4 events 1 review

Really poignant, sweet and human!

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