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Review from Josi
34 events 3 reviews

Tomfoolery was one of the best ways to spend a cold blustery afternoon (Memorial Day weekend weather - ugh.) I have never stopped being fond of Tom Lehrer’s satirical ditties, and it was great hearing them sung with such enthusiasm.

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F. E.
Review from F. E.
Red Velvet 212 events 129 reviews

Material is terrific, but the cast was disappointing.

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Review from Pepper
Red Velvet 155 events 21 reviews

Terrific show. Everyone is fantastic. Please see this musical. Purchase the premium seating.

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Robert Haar
Review from Robert Haar
Red Velvet 75 events 13 reviews

First of all, there is no such thing as a bad Tom Lehrer show. I attended the first preview and had an enjoyable afternoon. That said, the cast needs to work on enunciation so that the humor of the internal rhymes comes through. Then the master...continued

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Claire Risley
Review from Claire Risley
684 events 290 reviews

The six people were fantastic! Funny, appropriate sketches, and up-to-date jibes! Sat next to 3 very intelligent people (one British) who laughed as much as we did. Great quick reps of the Elements, and wonderful choreography. Music and jokes with...continued

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Review from LIH
315 events 229 reviews

If your seat is stage right, wear long underwear, a hat, gloves, and a really warm coat--or sit stage left :-)

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My Events
Review from My Events
135 events 71 reviews

Oh...what a silly and funny show....seems a lot of folks around me knew most of the words to the songs...not me...but I still enjoyed the zaniness of it all.
Some good vocals...
The show will most definitely have you leave with a smile on your...continued

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Richard Hammer
Review from Richard Hammer
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Review from P.H.T.
91 events 50 reviews

It's a little rough around the edges, both the performance and the venue. If you love Tom Lehrer you may well enjoy this

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Elizabeth Larson
Review from Elizabeth Larson
61 events 48 reviews

I loved Tomfoolery! The singers were all excellent. It was funny, it was moving. The accompanying pianist was extremely good. It brought make many memories of Tom Lehrer, a very gifted songwriter. I would urge everyone to go see it. You will have...continued

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Chris Verrill
Review from Chris Verrill
47 events 43 reviews

To get your Tom Lehrer fix, all his classics are here (except New Math, which I missed). The actress who did Elements at double speed was the highlight of the show. A respectable production.

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Review from JohnM
77 events 39 reviews

The lyrics are so timeless ... and fun. If you don't know Tom Leher's songs, you should.

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Richard Brabham
Review from Richard Brabham
58 events 28 reviews

The review is so well done and totally captures the wonderful and wacky, irreverent spirit of Tom Lehrer. It is fast paced, well choreographed and perfectly executed. If you like FUN, GOOD MUSIC, GREAT ACTING WONDERFUL VOICES AND CLEVER LYRICS AND...continued

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Review from Claudia
60 events 22 reviews

First of all, I remember Tom Lehrer from the 1950's, so I'm a little prejudiced. I loved hearing all his old songs again. There was so much energy projected in the production that one was never bored.

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B Tull
Review from B Tull
21 events 20 reviews

The cast flubbed their lines, there were pitch problems, the piano sounded out
of tune and some read their lines from cards held in their hands. The show was too wordy and needs editing in the worst way. The first half went so slowly. The second...continued

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JanFreya Didur
Review from JanFreya Didur
44 events 18 reviews

We attended a dress rehearsal. What the cast may have lacked in polish (it was a rehearsal after all), they more than made up for in enthusiasm.

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Review from Private
22 events 16 reviews

Any chance to hear the music of Tom Lehrer is a joy and this was no exception. Four, not five, stars simply because the performers, while very good, still could have been better.

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David Chittenden
Review from David Chittenden
31 events 16 reviews

Fast moving, amusing
generally good skits

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Review from bengdahl
48 events 13 reviews

A couple of the cast were better than others (the black gal was terrific), but they didn't know their lines, and their timing was terrible even tho the script and songs were great.

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Review from Gail
33 events 12 reviews

The show was a lot of fun. The singing was very good and the production was true to Tom Lehrer. Although it wasn't Tom Lehrer, it was close enough to bring back memories and to be thoroughly enjoyable.

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