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Review from edgarw
Red Velvet 116 events 28 reviews

What a crazy play. Throughout the entire performance, the voices were difficult to hear AND understand. Many times actors would talk (shout) over each other. I suppose the intent is to show disagreement between the characters, but it happened...continued

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My Events
Review from My Events
145 events 76 reviews

While I did enjoy the excellent individual
performances, I had a difficult time piecing together
all of the components of this play. During intermission I overheard the same bit of confusion from other

However, I remained to watch the...continued

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Rob Grant
Review from Rob Grant
80 events 11 reviews

There i was, with my delightful date sitting in excellent seats, expecting a well-crafted stage production about an important social issue...only to be ultimately disappointed by a one-note --yet simultaneously cacophonous---exposition that...continued

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Joseph Haletky
Review from Joseph Haletky
19 events 10 reviews

I have to admit I was a little prejudiced: an old friend was in the show! But it was a fascinating play, very well acted. The very inventive sets were spectacular, especially the interior of Joyce’s house, which I was not expecting after the...continued

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Cindy Icke
Review from Cindy Icke
94 events 8 reviews

It was difficult to understand what they were saying. I went with six other people and everybody had difficulty hearing. We all left at intermission.

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Ami Oakland
Review from Ami Oakland
10 events 3 reviews

I was a bit confusing but the acting was good. When two cast members were talking over each other, it was hard to hear.

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Anna Mantell
Review from Anna Mantell
5 events 3 reviews

Some of the actors voices were just too low and/or fast and/or mumbled to be understood. Also, the actors talked over each other, making following their story nearly impossible except for the fact that they disagreed.

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D Sleighter
Review from D Sleighter
19 events 2 reviews

The plot was hard to follow, and they all talked at once making it hard to here

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Annie Smart
Review from Annie Smart
1 event 1 review

Excellent play in an excellent production with excellent performers. Don't miss it!

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Sue Brash
Review from Sue Brash
3 events 1 review

Important play that is still very relevant. Terrific performances!

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Simone Schmidlkofer
Review from Simone Schmidlkofer
0 events 1 review

We went without expectations and where pleasantly surprised by a creative storyline and good acting- worth seeing!!

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