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Sophia Far
Review from Sophia Far
10 events 5 reviews

I went with some friends and my boyfriend and while they thought it was FAAANTASTIC, my boyfriend and I were a little less impressed. If you want a historical tour of Nob Hill with a kitchey undertone (or...actually, overtone is more accurate),...continued

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Review from Lindzy83
6 events 5 reviews

Interesting history lesson of some of the darker sides of San Francisco. Would have liked to walk more than 4 blocks.

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Review from chuz
5 events 5 reviews

it was entertaining at least, and i learned a little more about SF... it was too windy though, when i went... and i was hoping that there would be more walking to keep warm... learned some cool facts, but there was a lot of cheese mixed in ......continued

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Lina V Thompson
Review from Lina V Thompson
19 events 5 reviews

It was ok, I thought it would involve more walking around the city of San Francisco. In all I am glad that I took the experience. Mina was very pleasant and knowledgeable.

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Review from LMaalona
21 events 5 reviews

Our Vampire Tour of San Francisco was wonderful. Our guide was funny and so engaging. Two hours seemed to go so quickly because we were having such a good time. My brother, husband, and I were left wanting more. I only wish we could have had...continued

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Garnet Herndon-Shah
Review from Garnet Herndon-Shah
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This tour was really pretty lame. She "is" a vampire. So she tells jolly little stories about murder and mayhem, while laughing and telling jokes.

Way to silly.

We left 45 minutes into it.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 4 reviews

As other reviewers have mentioned, this is more of a history tour than a vampire tour. The vampire twist is unique, and it is at night, but it's not like a ghost walk or even close to remotely scary. The historical tales she tells are great...continued

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Review from Javachik
28 events 4 reviews

My group enjoyed this event and found the host to be engaging, friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject. We also thought that her strenth really lay in the SF history stories, not really in the Vampire aspect (which could be...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 4 reviews

The host was very friendly and knowledgible and excited about vampires and SF history. Her costume was cool except for her cheap biker gloves haha. We had a lot of fun even though it was like artic winds the night we took the tour.

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Renee Barrera
Review from Renee Barrera
17 events 4 reviews

The tour is hosted by Mina Harker who takes you around the Nob Hill area of San Francisco. She shares history about the area especially in relation to famous vampires there.

It was really fun! I didn't know what to expect from it, and I was...continued

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Jacque Kozel
Review from Jacque Kozel
15 events 4 reviews

This event was wonderful. If you have a free night you should definitely attend. When I first bought the tickets, I was worried about walking the daunting hills of Nob Hill. But the tour is held within two blocks of Grace Cathedral and you...continued

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N Kropelnicki
Review from N Kropelnicki
10 events 4 reviews

Though the historical tidbits were interesting, we were expecting a much more "vampire" oriented tour. I had out of town guests which were looking to this event as the highlight of their stay given it's unique title. We were all most disappointed.

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Review from hag4hire
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We only walked 3 blocks... in 2 hours. It was cold and windy. Too much vampire lore integrated into the stories, leaving me unclear what history was fact and what history was fiction.

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Stephanie Merten
Review from Stephanie Merten
51 events 3 reviews

A lot of SF history, very informative & fun!

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Review from anon
3 events 3 reviews

Fun, fun, fun! Lots of theatrical flare and some interesting ghost stories. A lot of the history is completely bogus, so take that about as seriously as the vampire stories. Your guide, Ms. Harker, is quite creative and imaginative. Highly...continued

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Margo Rodriguez
Review from Margo Rodriguez
12 events 3 reviews

I think the tour was most informative. There were things that I didnt know that was interesting to hear. Things that would have made the tour great-I think it would have been awesome to have visited inside the church, or gotten some nice warm...continued

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Judi Seip
Review from Judi Seip
48 events 3 reviews

Imaginative and fun. Mina Harker is a masterful storyteller. The SF history was really interesting, yet I couldn't always tell where history left off and fantasy entered the tale. Lots of fun.

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Review from anon
3 events 3 reviews

Lots of fun! The vampire facade just adds some fun to what basically a historical tour that takes a lot of liberties in the telling. Go with some friends and have a martini at the Mark Hopkins after!

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Review from Babsie
26 events 3 reviews

My friend and me really enjoyed this campy and creative tour of Nob Hill lead by the Vampire Mina Harker. Mina is warm and funny and we really appreciated the thought and effort she put into making this a fun and unique Saturday evening activity....continued

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Review from david
6 events 3 reviews

needs to be inside, in dark area, ie : chamber / basement with more audience interaction

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