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Christopher G.
Review from Christopher G.
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Recommended for folks who enjoy stimulating facts, trivia, and stories of people and places long ago... taking it all in while standing at the site of the tale. Nob Hill is so beautiful on a chilly, moonlit night too.

Fun, historical romp of...continued

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Review from silvere
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The tour was better than expected. A lot of San Francisco history mixed with fun vampire stuff. Because the tour was 2 hours we thought there would be lots of walking, but there really was very little. The whole tour takes place in about a 5 or 6...continued

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Review from Beth
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This was a fun and interesting tour. People definitely give you sideways glances as you walk along the street behind a "vampire" - especially at the Fairmont Hotel.

I found the historical information very interesting, although I wonder how...continued

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Review from Brad
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This was a lot of fun! My 13 year old daughter was captivated by the stories. My partner and I really enjoyed hearing the history behind San Francisco with a focus on the Nob Hill area. We learned quite a bit!

We went on an unseasonably warm...continued

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Review from david
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very boring.....not interactive enough...

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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What a boring tour. Really wasn't much of a tour, but instead a lecture. You really don't move around much. Most of my party dropped out before the ending.

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Review from Jchua
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You should definitely be on this tour. If u live in SF or just plain visiting, this is the way to tour SF. There is so much history in this city, its amazing how many secrets are there. I have been living the SF for 11 yrs; i never knew that there...continued

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Marvin Cabrera
Review from Marvin Cabrera
7 events 2 reviews

Entertainting! Fun! Actually learned something. Me and my other group of 4 friends truly enjoyed the tour. We would recommend it, even the 2 disbelievers in our group.

Tip: dress warmly, luckily we did. It's SF, it can get windy and cold.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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I gave my tickets to my two teenager girls (17 & 18) who said it was totally cheesy and ridiculous, and left early.

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Review from Faye
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I had a great time. I went with my friends for a birthday celebration!

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Review from Goldstar Member
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I thought it was cold and boring and she was weird! I have lived in SF 12 years and I have out there friends who are artists and into eccentric stuff but she went on and on and we didnt walk very far. I left after 20 minutes.

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Review from Krystan
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I would have to start out by saying that the hostess of this even makes it fun it was more comical then i was expecting. Also i felt like it was just a history lesson of the Nob Hill aria. Although some of the facts where interesting to know they...continued

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Review from Olya
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It was a great activity to do on Halloween, and I'm sure the tour is as entertaining and informative on all other nights. :)

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Review from Goldstar Member
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it was a little long, and not that interesting.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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It was fun to hear about San Francisco and see Nob Hill. It makes me want to learn more about our great city!

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Review from kelly
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not that interesting, pretty cheesy.

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Bonnie Bowes
Review from Bonnie Bowes
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Save your money, this one block "tour" is a scam.

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Marty Albion
Review from Marty Albion
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The "vampire" was delightful and full of historical tid bits that I loved.

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Review from Shah
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The guide was funny and the tour was really quite good.

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Franken Schnitzel
Review from Franken Schnitzel
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This one borders on being too cheesy. Didn't get to go inside many places; actually, we only went inside the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel. It was fun, nonetheless. Be sure to bring a heavy coat. Nob Hill at night gets pretty chilly when you're...continued

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