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Jennifer G.
Review from Jennifer G.
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Lots of fun!

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Review from Shanon
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My husband and I took our niece and her friend for a birthday gift. It was a lot better than we expected. The history was very interesting and it was all done in a fun and theatrical way. I do wish we were able to go inside Grace Cathedral and the...continued

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Elizabeth Masterson
Review from Elizabeth Masterson
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Not at all what I expected. We just stood in the street and listened to "way too long" stories. We expected it to be more historical and factual rather than entirely fictional stories about vampires. We left after the second stop, some 45 minutes in.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Not what I expected. I was looking forward to a night of site seeing around Nob Hill, especially the Cathedral Church. We just walked around and the "Vampiress" talked a little too much where it got boring at times. Some things were interesting...continued

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Jon Doniego
Review from Jon Doniego
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Our Vampress was very cool, very friendly and lively. Her stories are interesting. The extras (I don't want to spoil it for people) were fun. The tour itself was nice, but I wish there were more vampire-related places to go to. And going...continued

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The event started right on time and was a perfect night for this event. I enjoyed the stories she told, however was hoping for more of her insight and facts than hearing about the stories that others have told her. She was a fun and very pleasant...continued

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The San Francisco history information was really informative and interesting lots of stuff I didn't know about the city... I really liked learning the history of Grace Cathedral. It was a shame that we could not go inside and see the things she...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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The tour doesn't go far...probably the equivalent of a walk around the block.

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Review from Ny
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The vampire tour was our highlight of the night. It was very difficult to distinguish between reality and fiction as the tour was so informative and entertaining. The San Francisco weather is very cold at night but after the tour all we could...continued

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There was some great historical info provided about SF, but I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more on vampires. There were a couple of good stories, but the rest felt more like a ghost/historical tour. And we kept pretty much in the...continued

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Kelly H
Review from Kelly H
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This was absolutly worth the money. Our narrator never broke charactor and was a brilliant story teller. We went on the coldest most miserable night ever and it was still brillian. Rug up because it gets bitterly cold but totoally worth the sniffles.

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Review from Andrea
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This was a great tour. Read earlier reviews that the tour was more historical and therefore I came without expectations and LOVED it! Kitty is very knowledgeable and the tour and stories she provides were entertaining and informative. I live in...continued

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Archie Bunkler
Review from Archie Bunkler
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This was the worst event I have ever attended in San Francisco. It was neither vampire nor tour. I wouldn't recommend this to a brain-dead chimpanzee.

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Alex Olejniczak
Review from Alex Olejniczak
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Very entertaining and educational!! The vampire that leads the tour is great!! Lots of places to go after the tour is over.

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Review from TJ
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very fun and entertaining..the two hours flew by because we enjoyed it so much!

a must do when in san francisco

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Review from Ofeibia
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We found out a lot of interesting information about San Francisco's history. My only real wish is that the tour was more than a two block radius.

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SF Consumer
Review from SF Consumer
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We left after the first 45 minutes of the 2-hour tour. It was more like a "standing" tour than a "walking tour". We travelled a total of 3 blocks during the first 45 minutes, standing first at Grace Cathedral, and then in the doorway of a dry...continued

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Krista D.
Review from Krista D.
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We really enjoyed our tour guide and all the information she gave, but I think it was more of a history of Nob Hill than about vampires. I enjoyed the history, but sort of thought there would be more vampire type intrigue or underground touring...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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We went on Halloween Night and had a great time. We've read this is the last time she will be doing the tour which is unfortunate. Hopefully she'll find someone else that can take over the tour for her.

The Tour meets at across the street of...continued

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