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Rhonda Shrader
Review from Rhonda Shrader
Red Velvet 204 events 142 reviews

Didn't love this play as much as the two other Will Eno ones I've seen--subject matter wasn't as personally interesting. Worth it, though, to see Tony Hale...masterful work. Worth springing for the Orchestra seats so you can see him up close.

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Review from edgarw
Red Velvet 94 events 27 reviews

Sometimes it was difficult to hear what the performers were saying.

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Review from Pepper
Red Velvet 176 events 23 reviews

The message was vague even with an amazing cast. Really not sure what exactly was the goal other than be present in the moment. The ending really made the show.

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Review from Fabrizio
Red Velvet 414 events 10 reviews

Stay away.

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Dirk Woods
Review from Dirk Woods
Red Velvet 27 events 1 review

Loved the actor, loved some of the themes, didn't hold together well on night of or next day. Was OK value for $12.

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Catherine Maxey
Review from Catherine Maxey
61 events 28 reviews

Fabulous play. Very uplifting. Well worth seeing again . He is such a good actor. I forgot all about his character in VEEP.

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Review from JoyinSF
34 events 17 reviews

I think this play is what you call absurdist, like, "Waiting for Godot." But I recall liking Vladimir and Estragon, but this play's guy, I just had no interest in. So, I left towards the end.

My boyfriend--older guy--really really enjoyed it...continued

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Review from AndyW.
69 events 17 reviews

Terrible show, but fine acting. The show was so short that they had to add a short skit in the beginning to fill out the evening. Not sure why ACT picked this play to present. Tony Hale did the best he could with mediocre and puzzling material.

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Review from Miriam
46 events 8 reviews

Tony Hale is super in this portrayal of a man gradually losing his life, but to the end trying to make meaning out of it.

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Karen Lowe
Review from Karen Lowe
23 events 6 reviews

I saw the show in previews. I assumed it was a British comedy since the title made me think of the whimsical rhyme, "Wakey, Wakey, Eggs and Baccy." It wasn't. The description should be more straightforward. It's merits would be more obvious. It is...continued

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Greer Hopkins
Review from Greer Hopkins
10 events 6 reviews

While the play was occasionally funny, definitely quirky, and Tony Hale was very good in this challenging piece, it was mostly impossible to hear the subtleties of either play from the Balcony. We would never attend another show where the only...continued

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Barbara Grob
Review from Barbara Grob
33 events 4 reviews

This is not drama, or theater. I’d edit the script heavily and publish it in print, maybe. It’s a vague self help guide, poorly written dharma talk as is. If you’re going to take on the BIG questions about human nature and existentialism you’ve...continued

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Jolie's Stuff
Review from Jolie's Stuff
17 events 4 reviews


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Review from Elaine
22 events 3 reviews

The worst play I’ve ever seen. People were leaving in the middle and at some point a loud recording startled several audience members awake. I’m pretty sure there’s no intermission because no one would come back.

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Review from ALAN
4 events 2 reviews

It was a bit boring and difficult to follow from the start. My wife and I left after awhile. Seemed unrehearsed and scattered.

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Review from mmurrayd
6 events 2 reviews

Not a comedy

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Review from Razzberii
38 events 2 reviews

Terrible. We went because it was Tony Hale. So glad we didn’t pay full price. Too experimental.

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Joyce Richards
Review from Joyce Richards
13 events 2 reviews

The usher in the Balcony who escorted me to my seat had more spark and originality than this play.

Tom Hale is not at fault.
A good performance of nothing.

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Review from Master
26 events 2 reviews

The well known actor did an excellent job with poor material. The writing felt contrived and self-indulgent and while the format creativity could led to interesting results it never brought me us in emotionally. The worst show I've seen at ACT...continued

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Review from Bfreemel
9 events 1 review


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