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Bob S.
Review from Bob S.
Red Velvet 308 events 287 reviews

Another funny gem this season! I'm not in any way a yoga person but I certainly didn't feel out of the loop for the humor offered up with Yoga Play. Terrific cast and set design.

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Review from absjr
Red Velvet 34 events 14 reviews

What a great little theater, with a professional but not super high tech production. One scene had me in stitches (guruji televised interview). It was a tiny bit preachy but with a solid loving moral center. Interesting casting ironies... ...continued

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Lisa Schulenburg
Review from Lisa Schulenburg
Red Velvet 4 events 1 review

Was even more hilarious than we anticipated. Highly recommend for a relaxing, enjoyable night out!

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Review from TheaterLuvrSF
318 events 208 reviews

Some funny moments, and loved the story. But overall the performance just didn't inspire me.

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Bob Jackson
Review from Bob Jackson
197 events 92 reviews

Enjoyed it. Was entertaining and clever. The ending felt a bit contrived but overall was enjoyable and I would recommend the play itself. Unfortunately, the lead actress was out and her understudy was not particularly strong. The other actors were...continued

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Review from SLH
85 events 51 reviews

Delightful send up of the corporate world. Had a blast!

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Review from desertdiver
92 events 36 reviews

Beautiful set and great dialog venturing into many subjects besides yoga make this play a wonderful evening. From the pain of coming out, to what it means to reject the culture into which you were born, to the corporate greed involved in making a...continued

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Review from lindy
142 events 36 reviews

Spoof on corporate yoga culture. Funny yet relevant.

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Jake Steak
Review from Jake Steak
81 events 8 reviews

SF Playhouse continues its long interest in plays highlighting social and cultural labels and issues as they affect employees in their workplaces, in this case a yoga paraphernalia/merch empire and an L.A. yoga studio for celebrities. Light,...continued

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Jenny Timpson
Review from Jenny Timpson
34 events 8 reviews

Very enjoyable! Cute and funny. Definitely a few true laugh-out-loud moments!

A nice night out and will certainly look into seeing more shows with this theater company.

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Review from momliebo
56 events 7 reviews

Very clever. I wasn't convinced at intermission, but after intermission it was terrific. Great sets as always. SF Playhouse always delivers.

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R. Bobby Ducharme
Review from R. Bobby Ducharme
8 events 6 reviews

Interesting play, very funny and moving at the same time. Great performances, wonderful set, lighting and costumes. My only beef was the blackouts between every scene - and there were a lot of short scenes. Total blackness is not necessary...a...continued

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Review from Westiegrrl
6 events 5 reviews

There were plenty of good laughs. I liked some parts of it more than others.

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Review from berry_stein
24 events 5 reviews

Very fun, clever take on the yoga business. Definitely worth seeing whether you practice yoga or not. Enjoy, don't wait, it's only here another few weeks.

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Debbie Foster
Review from Debbie Foster
10 events 4 reviews

Was just what the day needed a good laugh. Was well acted and the whole group enjoyed

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Robert Weeks
Review from Robert Weeks
8 events 3 reviews

Very entertaining and, in the end, very inspiring.

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Review from MorningSmiled
105 events 2 reviews

Great Fun!

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Review from Curly
13 events 2 reviews

There was an understudy playing Joan and she seemed to be off her game. The rest of the actors were hilarious and very good. I would still recommend the show.

While I appreciate the discount, we were seated in the first row, in the farthest...continued

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Thomas Vogl
Review from Thomas Vogl
1 event 1 review

Loved the theatre, the fact you can pre-order drinks for the intermission :)
The play was great too. Laughed a lot

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Review from Carla
57 events 1 review

Very entertaining - and good acting too!

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