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Robert A.
Review from Robert A.
Red Velvet 475 events 394 reviews

I have been going to see "A Christmas Carol" at the Olinder Theater for the past 5 years and it has become my holiday tradition. This is one of my favorite plays. Their production was superb. The set was great and fantastically laid out...continued

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Robert A.
Review from Robert A.
Red Velvet 475 events 394 reviews

I have been going to the Olinder theater for many years seeing A Christmas Carol which is one of my all-time favorite plays of any time and not just the holidays. The sets, costumes, pre-play carols, the acting are just fantastic. I would highly...continued

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Robert A.
Review from Robert A.
Red Velvet 475 events 394 reviews

I have been coming to see "A Christmas Carol" for several years not only because it is one of my favorite all-time plays but because the Olinder theater always does a fantastic job of presenting this fine play. Tonight was no different. It was...continued

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Robert A.
Review from Robert A.
Red Velvet 475 events 394 reviews

I have seen A Christmas Carol at the Olilnder Theater for several years and it still remains one of my favorite plays. I have never been disappointed by a performance of this play at the Olinder. I would highly recommend this play to anyone who...continued

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Bill Ereneta
Review from Bill Ereneta
142 events 118 reviews

During this Christmas season this was a good choice to see. It is fast paced, and the intimate theatre space, puts one right into the action. Attendees were treated to caroling prior to the performance. This would be a good choice for a family...continued

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Review from K.L.
67 events 49 reviews

I'm sad to say that this was my least favorite of the handful of plays I've seen from Northside Theatre Company to date. I'm glad I went to support the theatre company, which I've otherwise found to be such a joy, and I won't stop going because of...continued

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Review from song77
39 events 28 reviews

Very small venue, not fancy, but very intimate. Likeable performance.

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Review from garne2t
41 events 28 reviews

Well done. Great show.

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Roberto Moz
Review from Roberto Moz
29 events 25 reviews

I am often impressed by small venues and the quality of acting found in them. This is a fantastic deal at this price!

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Review from Chris
177 events 18 reviews

I really liked the show. The set was great. Scrogg and Mortter were very beliveable. The Cast having to learn all the lines was Great. The theatre was a little cold so wear a coat.

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Review from alan
122 events 14 reviews

As always, Northside Theater did a great job. This theater doesn't let you down. I went with someone who had seen two other versions of the same story just the day before and Northside was by far the best.

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john wunderlich
Review from john wunderlich
31 events 14 reviews

This was the third play we attended at the Olinder Theatre and I can't wait to see another one. We see four or five local shows a year and the quality of the productions in this tiny venue always blow us away. If the play sounds interesting to...continued

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Rosanne Sbt Meetup
Review from Rosanne Sbt Meetup
45 events 13 reviews

I really enjoyed this production by the Northside Theater Company. It was true to the Dickens' story and very well staged. The Olinder is a tiny theater and the stage takes up about half the space. The ensemble cast of 13 took on various roles and...continued

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Rosanne Sbt Meetup
Review from Rosanne Sbt Meetup
45 events 13 reviews

I've seen this Northside production every year for several years now. This was a slightly changed version. I can't say what exactly was different -- it's been 12 months since last time? -- but whatever they did, I liked it a lot. Seemed to be less...continued

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Jennifer Lott
Review from Jennifer Lott
45 events 11 reviews

Mr. Scrooge was superb. A must see for families at Christmas time. Loved it!

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Lisa Messinger
Review from Lisa Messinger
13 events 10 reviews

This classic Dickens' Christmas story was superb! Jerry Lloyd as the infamous Ebenezer Scrooge could not have been played by a better actor; his every movement and line was absolutely spot-on. If you only make one holiday theater performance,...continued

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Review from Tmcquade
26 events 7 reviews

What a great production! The whole family enjoyed it!

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Maria Elena Aranda
Review from Maria Elena Aranda
56 events 6 reviews

Absolutely fabulous! I loved everything about the show. The cast and the set were incredible and the the theater is perfect for a play like this because do intimate.

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Review from Sharon
18 events 6 reviews

For a smaller theater company, Northside did a great job with the story. Many performers. Good evocation of the mood of London in the 19th century without resorting to a lot of special effects.

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Review from sakhayner
21 events 6 reviews

Intimate theater, well done. Even brought the kids to the 8p show and all loved it! Very talented group.

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