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David C. Baker
Review from David C. Baker
275 events 246 reviews

We sat up in upper stage left. Had a good view except for a tent pole. Really not a bad seat in the house due to it's in-the-round seating.

Parking sucked at $20 to park in a muddy parking lot.

Otherwise the show was entertaining.

Thank you...continued

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Bob Jackson
Review from Bob Jackson
199 events 92 reviews

Weakest Cirque touring show in years. Having seen every Cirque touring show since 2002, and having marveled at recent ones like Luzia and Kurios, this one was hugely disappointing. Next to no wow moments, most of the acts were recycled and just...continued

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Daniel Chan
Review from Daniel Chan
30 events 21 reviews

What's not to love about Volta? When Goldstar posted discount tickets for this fun event, we decided to get 4 tickets for the family. The storyline was impossible to follow but that's not the reason you come to a Cirque show. A few highlights...continued

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Barbara Bernard
Review from Barbara Bernard
39 events 18 reviews

I always enjoy Cirque performances and Volta did not disappoint. What was disappointing was the mew location and the parking. I had to pay $20 to park in a muddy and crowded parking lot. Hope it moves back to downtown San Jose area.

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Ruby Saito
Review from Ruby Saito
30 events 13 reviews

I did not like where I was sitting. The lights were hitting my eyes too. I was not allowed to take pictures of the show. People thought I was video taping the show. But I was not. I also held my camera high so that I can take a better view...continued

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Review from Gill
54 events 11 reviews

Seats are not staggered enough. If you sit behind anyone other than a child then your view is severely blocked.
We were near the back in section 200 - maybe it’s better in other sections.
Slightly disappointing considering the prices charged...continued

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Ross Smith
Review from Ross Smith
12 events 8 reviews

Had I not seen other Cirque du Soleil performances, I might have given this a higher number of stars. But based on history, this one is just ok. The trampoline and the BMX bike segments were awesome, as were the acrobatic aspects in general. ...continued

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Review from Monica
35 events 8 reviews

I love the show, but was disappointed with the tickets. One of them had a very obstructed view. For the price I paid, I was expecting better seats.

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Renita Lynn Jones
Review from Renita Lynn Jones
17 events 7 reviews

Great energy and talent! Fun family event!!

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Lily Yang
Review from Lily Yang
11 events 7 reviews

Performance was just amazing.

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Matthew Arcaro
Review from Matthew Arcaro
34 events 6 reviews

I mean its a Cirque show so points for that, but definitely not the best.

Also, $20 for parking in a dirt/semi paved lot... gets you in the mood for further price gouging. ;-)

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Karyn Corbett
Review from Karyn Corbett
7 events 5 reviews

This was an incredibly energetic show, from beginning to end! The performers looked like they were having a blast, and the crowd really got into it! LOVED the trampolines!!!

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Debbi Behrman
Review from Debbi Behrman
6 events 4 reviews

Loved the show, the clown was particularly wonderful! It seemed to us that the show/tent was smaller, and that the show was simpler than previous shows we have seen. Loved the costumes, and the show was a ton of fun. The food was expensive and...continued

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Sandy Lumauig
Review from Sandy Lumauig
12 events 4 reviews

Previous Cirque Du Soleil shows have been such a great experience. I would like to say
this one, "volta" was although great talent was on display, the acts were not on par with previous shows as a whole.
The last show we attended was "Luzia", and...continued

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Review from Ben
6 events 3 reviews

my kids, grand kids and myself loved it

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Review from Denley
13 events 3 reviews

The music was thunderingly fabulous.
I missed the colors and flamboyance of past shows.
There were too many mistakes by the people jumping thru rings.
It lacked the drama of other Cirque shows.
What was the theme/storyline of the show.

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Fernanda Miotto: )
Review from Fernanda Miotto: )
6 events 2 reviews

AAAAAMAZING!!!! I’ve been to many performances by Cirque Sul Soleil company. It sure this one won’t disappoint you! Very entertaining!!!

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Marcy Boyles
Review from Marcy Boyles
22 events 2 reviews

Always amazing. Took 3 grandkids who LOVED it

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Mario Boch
Review from Mario Boch
2 events 2 reviews

Fantastic show, I love Cirque du Soleil’s VOLTA! #1

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Matt Barrett
Review from Matt Barrett
8 events 2 reviews

Great show! Phenomenal acrobats and a fun story as well. If you drive, get there early or you will get stuck trying to get into the parking lot. We took a lyft and got out before the turn onto Tully, walked for 2 mins and got right in

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