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Review from Sunny
Red Velvet 8 events 2 reviews

He is hilarious - we were laughing 80% of the time. Definitely recommend.

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Review from garne2t
41 events 28 reviews

One word: Hilarious!

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Review from garne2t
41 events 28 reviews

Quick-witted, hilarious, interactive show. My cheeks were sore at the end. Featured act was excellent too. Ian's witt reminds me of Robin Williams but I think he is funnier. Highly recommended!

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Review from garne2t
41 events 28 reviews

Third time I have seen Ian in a few years. Every time I laughed so hard I cry.

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Review from Mia
30 events 25 reviews

Ian Bagg was quite funny, and had a lot of interaction with the audience and "on the spot" comedy, which I like.
Loved Sammy Obeid who gave about 10 minutes of smart sophisticated comedy before Bagg

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john wunderlich
Review from john wunderlich
31 events 14 reviews

If you're looking for intellectual humor about current events this is not your guy. His show is raunchy and silly and it seemed mostly improvised - working the crowd the entire time. But we laughed continuously and had a good time. The Improv is a...continued

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Review from sakhayner
21 events 6 reviews

Ian Bagg is hysterical, quick, engaging. Never fails to provide an amazing night out!!

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Macaela Ortiz
Review from Macaela Ortiz
13 events 5 reviews

He was great!! Def got the crowd involved!!

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Kendra Phelps
Review from Kendra Phelps
4 events 3 reviews

Had a fantastic time; Ian deserved a bigger crowd -- GO SEE HIM! I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time. One of THE best comedians I've seen. Thinking of going back again in a couple of days to see him again before he leaves town. He's that...continued

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Review from Melanie
6 events 3 reviews

I saw Ian Bagg about 10 years ago and laughed so hard I cried... So, when I saw the opportunity to go see him in my home town I couldn't be more excited. Goldstar had a great deal that I couldn't pass up on tickets and Ian was funnier then ever....continued

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Barb Regan Francis
Review from Barb Regan Francis
44 events 3 reviews

Ian Bagg is hysterical. Sharp, fast, playful, brilliant delivery. My stomach hurt from laughing. Wonderful evening.

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Thomasena Simpson
Review from Thomasena Simpson
44 events 3 reviews

We love Ian's irrevenent sense of humor. We laughed through the entire show. He engages the crowd and packs a one, two punchline.

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Maryann Sparelic
Review from Maryann Sparelic
6 events 2 reviews

Wasn't expecting Ian to be so funny! He definitely delivered beyond expectations. Ian was great at talking to the audience and making on the spot jokes. A true talent!

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Garbon Spunkmyer
Review from Garbon Spunkmyer
23 events 1 review

First comedian c+, not very funny but style. Second comedian sucked -charity D-. Ian was ok, at least he tried to be spontaneous.

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Review from Keely
20 events 1 review

Hilarious! Laughed so hard I cried and then went back and saw the show two more times! Figure I put 4 more years back on my life from all the laughter! Best medicine! Don't need drugs just need to see Ian Bagg! A lot of yucks! Will go back again...continued

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Melissa Bernard
Review from Melissa Bernard
6 events 1 review

Ian was super funny, my boyfriend and I laughed the entire time. He interacts with the audience, so you never knew where the show was going.

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Tre Moore
Review from Tre Moore
3 events 1 review

This guy is funny as hell. I went with 3 other people and we all laughed the whole show start to finish. If you haven't seen him go. You will not be disappointed. Five star rating hands down

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