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Hazel Valera
Review from Hazel Valera
28 events 15 reviews

It was good but not as funny as I thought it would be. He does great impersonations but when he was making all the sound effects it started getting annoying. The opening comedians were better. Enjoyed it because of the company I kept!
I enjoy the...continued

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Jc Kret
Review from Jc Kret
20 events 10 reviews

Damn he's great!!!

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Athena Zepeda
Review from Athena Zepeda
11 events 6 reviews
Macaela Ortiz
Review from Macaela Ortiz
13 events 5 reviews


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Michael Dahl
Review from Michael Dahl
7 events 4 reviews

He was hilarious and off the hook funny. Would recommend friends to go see him.

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Jad Adaimi
Review from Jad Adaimi
6 events 3 reviews

His opener was funny. He was a little too intense all the time. He has a lot of funny jokes but uses his voice and impressions for EVERYTHING

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Review from Gui5
7 events 3 reviews

Really enjoyed seeing Pablo Francisco live. The guy is like a tornado of energy; he starts the next joke before you're even done laughing at the last one. Great time!

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Review from XToscano
6 events 3 reviews

The opening act was much funnier... He seemed scattered and did not seem to be getting many laughs... He should have opened for the other man rather the other way around. His act just did not tie well together, he was all over the place.

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irene hawkins
Review from irene hawkins
3 events 2 reviews

I had heard a few of Pablo's shows a few years back and was sorely disappointed when I attended this show. He was loud, obnoxious, and not funny at all....I left 20 minutes into the show.

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Jerry Wright
Review from Jerry Wright
7 events 2 reviews

Mark me as old, but I don't need to see a show where every other sentence has the word fuck in it. I don't need to see how it would look if Bill Cosby, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a Transformer were to act out sex acts. I also don't need to see...continued

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Review from f@ncy
3 events 2 reviews

Pablo is Pablo, the man is hilarious and definitely has some skills. He's now at the point where he can just go up and throw stuff out there and just keep going with it. He goes nonstop for the whole set. His opening act was surprisingly good too,...continued

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Daniel Minjares
Review from Daniel Minjares
4 events 1 review

Everything went great. Seating perfect. This guy is killer.I'm going next time he comes

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Loren Henmi
Review from Loren Henmi
7 events 1 review

Havent seen him in about 9 years...some same material, still pretty funny. Glad I went.

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Ana Rodriguez
Review from Ana Rodriguez
6 events 1 review

He was laughs. Good time.

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Samantha Castro
Review from Samantha Castro
3 events 1 review
Melissa Duell
Review from Melissa Duell
5 events 1 review

Hubby and I were very excited to see Pablo. First two comedians were great. As soon as Pablo came on stage he spoke with his mouth against the mic. It was so loud our ears were ringing. We looked at the other guests and they were covering their...continued

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Erica Morales
Review from Erica Morales
6 events 1 review

I'm just tired of seeing comics year after year do the same exact set they did last time I saw them. You really had nothing funny happen in your life in an entire year, that's lame. Get some new material please.

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Review from M0nkster22
18 events 1 review

If I could give the opener Keon Polee 5 stars I would. I saw Pablo years ago and he was so funny! This time I barely laughed. He seemed to rely on his "voices" and they were all jumbled together. It was hard to understand. I had a great time...continued

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Review from citrus8
40 events 1 review

only has a limited number of voices

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ray herrera
Review from ray herrera
1 event 1 review

Pable was Fantastic:) Been a big fan of his for years and this past Sat's show was great.. Can't wait to see him again. Also- big props to the two comedians who came out before Pabl0- funny dudes..

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